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recovery after laparoscopy- when does the pain go away?

i had a laparascopy two weeks ago- ive been having severe ongoing pelvic pain for awhile now. my ob/gyn did an internal exam in september, which was really painful. she said the pelvic floor muscles are in severe spasm and she also suspected endometriosis. she put me on the pill, both for the pain and because she said it treats endo, and she prescribed pelvic floor physical therapy. within a month, the pain went away, so i never ended up doing the pt. 

in jan, the pain came back full force. we went ahead with the lap, and she didnt find any endo or anything else wrong. so i will be starting pt soon and am hoping that will alleviate the pain. meanwhile, and this brings me to my question, my recovery has been much slower and more painful than i anticipated. from what my dr told me and what i read, i expected the gas pain to be worse than the pelvic pain, and that i would be fine in a few days. 

well, i am definitely not fine. i called my dr and she had me come in at the end of last week, and she said she cant find anything wrong, which is good news. the pain from the incisions is getting better- it doesnt hurt to sit or stand up as much, but im still having really bad pelvic pain. at times its so bad that my lower abdomen is painful to the touch. today i thought i was doing ok and i cleaned the bathroom. huge mistake!!! i am now in excruciating pain- the worst its been since the day of the surgery. obviously i tried to do too much, but is it normal to have this much pain after two weeks? could i have injured myself? i took hydrocodone and its helping a bit but it still hurts really, really badly. should i be concerned? thank you for listening and for your help.

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p.s.- ok i started spotting a bit earlier today but i didnt think anything of it because im on the progestin only pill, which makes your periods really irregular. i havent had one since december. well, its still spotting but the bleeding is getting heavier, so i am wondering if maybe i am getting my period and thats why im in so much pain right now. for those of you who have had a lap, what was your first period like after?


The first period after a laparoscopy can be extremely painful and heavy. It can take several weeks for things to settle but if the pain continues or worsens and normal meds don't relive it, I'd ask to see a pain specialist.


I had a laparoscopy and this was exactly how i was, i also did too much too soon i thought they haven't really done anything so i will be fine. My husband took 2 weeks of work to look after our 2 year old son and then my mum had to come early morning to look after our son till my hubby got home from work , my gp gave me a sick note for 3 weeks afterwards and my pain was still that bad i then had a further 3 weeks off work, (I was a support worker then so did alot of carrying heavy bags and cleaning). I agree with Juby B

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I had laproscopic cystomy over 3 weeks and im still in pain, im also pregnant n feel absolutly work out after about 20 mins walking, will i ever feel normal again 😢 Xxx


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