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Tight hamstrings and calves


Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if anyone here has had extremely tight hamstrings and shins associated with pelvic floor issues. You see I was diagnosed with Chronic Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia. I am slowly working on PT to help. But recently, pain that came intermittently in my hamstrings is there bright and early in the morning and all day. My PT said, you need to stretch 6 times a day it’s that bad. She thought it could be more of a back issue. So I talked to my physiatrist, but she continues to feel that it’s all related to the pelvic floor issues. I’m thinking about getting an MRI of my back done and go from there.

So, has anyone had this problem and if so how did you deal with it? I don’t have time to stretch 6 times a day.

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I Have the same thing although it is not painful; just very tight all the time. My physical therapist told me it was abnormal and that she thinks it is coming from my back. I am getting a shot into S1 Next week and will let you know how it goes.

Thanks for replying! Yeah please do. I think I’m going to need an MRI to rule out any neurological issues.

What kind of shot are you having? Is it Guided? Fluoroscope? CT? Is it steroid or an injection of some pain meds such as Lidocaine? Please let me know. I had a slight improvement with a fluoroscope guided injection of steroids which helped for a little while, but the diagnostic radiologist would not give me another because he is in the office with an orthopedic and had no access to a CT machine and said I needed that if another was given. I have read different accounts saying this worked and others did not. I am anxious to find something that works. I hurt from early morning until I am knocked out to sleep. I await your reply.

Pretty sure fluoroscope guided . Sure it will be a mix of anesthetic and corticosteroids. He wants both because some respond to the former and others respond to the latter. Is it hamstring pain you have? I have tight hamstrings but also pelvic and foot pain which we cannot get rid of-so we’re guessing it may be coming from upstream.

My hamstrings don't hurt until I do the stretches and they are really tight and sore. My feet don't hurt at least I don't think so. My rectal area and the entire pelvic floor hurts so bad I don't notice anything other than that. My feet swell slightly as the day progresses, but they only feel tired by middle of the day from standing so much. Have you read up about this injection and the pros and cons of it? I am trying to decide whether to have a CT guided injection next. I have tried everything even aquatic therapy and pelvic floor therapy and the many injections I have had through the years. I have had three simulator trials to no avail. I also tried the amniotic stem cell allograft by Dr. Jarnagan in Knoxville and that did not help. So as you can tell I have really tried for years. I do trust we all find something in our future. I pray you will find much needed relief from your injection. Keep us advised. We care!

I have had this shot higher up the spine many times so I am not terribly concerned/ but you are right-I should see if there are specific issues with S1. Do you know if your issues are due to true nerve damage, or tight muscles which strangle the nerves? Thanks for the kind words! Will let you know exactly what happens.

My issues are a true nerve condition. I think the muscles tighten and that causes the muscles to spasm. I have also have had an SI joint fusion. It is not difficult to recover from, but this did not resolve any of my issues. I have fallen several times and a couple of times I just fell on my butt. The occasion that started it all was a fall on an icy step that I was not used to. I had moved from Orlando where I did not worry about ice and I got up in the middle of the night to take a new puppy out when I slipped on an icy step and hit the corner of a brick somewhere on my butt. Then one morning i went outside and when I turned around to lay a small lightweight box on a chair in my living room I tripped on an area rug and my toes went under the rug and I went over it. I broke the upper portion on my pubic ramus and that knocked me out for quit a while, and I could not walk for a short while. My gait is off now and that adds to my problems. Hope that helps explain things with me.

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Thanks for sharing your story! I’m so sorry that you’ve had to deal with so many falls and nerve damage. I hope you find something that works!


Funny you should say that. I struggle to do yoga and Pilates due to really tight hamstrings.

Tight ham strings and shins do come from tight muscles in the pelvic area. The stretches are highly recommended. I try to do as many as I can during the day. They really are suppose to help. It only takes minutes to do some of them and I recommend you try them. The back can be involved adding to the pain. I think you will find out more to google pelvic pain tightness, or something like that. They all seem to go back to stretching and walking to lengthen the muscles. I have a very hard time doing them as I also have degenerative disc disease. The MRI can show back problems. Whatever you decide to do that, please let us know.

I have tight hamstrings, and lower back issues. Whether that contributes to my pelvic pain, I don't know. I try to do stretches but probably don't do enough.

Could it be restless leg syndrome? Do you think muscle is spasming?

I think the magnesium sulphate in Epsom salts would help. Can you try an Epsom salt bath before bed? Also to, there are magnesium sprays that help.

Finally, dolomite pills might help as well.

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What are you referring to with dolomite? I can not sit in a tub, however I do have a pan that fits over the toilet that I have used a few times. Maybe I should do that more often. I didn't know about magnesium sprays. I do take Magnesium and calcium supplements as well as Vitamins B and D3 as well as Probiotics. I will have to look for magnesium spray.

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I do have restless leg, but what my muscles are doing is not restless leg. My pelvic floor tightens and slightly loosens. They are true spasms.

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Dolomite is a supplement that contains calcium as well as magnesium.

When I was pregnant and my feet would spasm in bed at night, it helped my feet muscles to relax. That is why I mentioned it.

The magnesium salts spray is amazingly effective.

I take calcium and magnesium separately for a long time now. I have never heard of the magnesium salts spray. I will soon be checking into this. Thanks

Dumb question. Do I just spray it on my hips and butt! Is there a particular brand or kind you use. Where do you get it?

It could be neural tension instead. If your hamstring stretch becomes easier once you tilt your head back, I've been told it's actually "neural tension."

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