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hospitals & doctors :/

ive been in and out of hosp since i was 16 im coming 22 and im now afrid a always was to begin with the thought of them ust frightened me but i got over that and my fear of niddles after experancing it enough times. but now im afrid to go in with what wrong with me they are so pridictabul in what they are doing to treat you then i just leave with pain relife .. its so frustrating im almost crying now talking about it. ive came to the point were i dont want to go in and explain everything again to leave with the same resalt ive been trying to talk my self into going all week because of the pain and dis comfort ive been having in my vagina and irrgular periods im so tired idont no what to do and i dont have any family members to talk to about this i feel so confused and i dont even think that the right word to describe it .. arrrg i dont no

what to be doing

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Do you have a good family Dr? I find having a family Dr who listens is key. One you can go to and say this is not working what else can I try? I go to pelvic physio and I find the therapist is a great support. Listens well and offers suggestions. I hope you have better days ahead.


`Hey, hun,

I know exactly how you feel. You sound like you are at your witts end. Dont give in to it all. You need to find yourself a good doctor and possibly a counceller who you can talk to. One thing I feel you must do is join a support group. I suffer greatly with adhesion pains and had got myself into a right mess - until I found some adhesion support groups. It feels so good to know that there are others out there who know what you are going through. To know you are not on your own in all of this fog. If you need my help, then just let me know. xxx


Thankyou both so. Much for your kind reply. I do have a family doc but with me and my mum having diferenciace and she. Would go There it puts me off telling him my problems.. Finaily. Pain took over over me to much today and i went to hosp i explained my symtoms and the doc only seem. To pick up on the pain in my Back because her Just Said it sounds like a sliped disk. , i started to cry a little the pain in my back is nowere near as painful as my vigina pelvis and sides i tried telling him stright away that the pain is in my pelvis and He Said a sliped disk can cause this pain in the pelvis but my Back Just feels like a dead heavy wieght pain but i cough my pelvis What i think my overies and my sidesallburn clamp tight i cant event rais my více. With out this pain how can this bez my Back im so discusted in the way i was delt today i Dont want to go to my doc i started. A conciling Four weeks ago i went to oné and it Made me more download na weapy na alot of badminton Dreams that iv avoided going back im scared to i



I have not written on here before, in fact, I found the site only yesterday but felt the need to write to you as I feel and have felt the same. I am already finding the site a great help. I seem to know exactly how you are feeling and I believe that persistance is the key. We must try and stay positive and as I seem to have been let down by doctors and specialists I am now resorting to researching myself. We must find things that work for others and trial them and work out what is best for us as we are all different. Having no diagnosis is very difficult and I am very depressed about the pain I get. I can empathise with you completely....

I have had severe abdominal pain since I was 15, (I am now 28) crippling as you know I'm sure. I have had three investigative laparoscopys with no diagnosis after. I was told in 2011 that it was Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and that it was overactive nerve endings and prescribed Zoladex injections for 12 months, no other information, no follow up and no support.

The injections gave almost complete relief which was amazing, I didn't perhase realise how much until now - my last one was in November 2012 and now that my body is coming off zoladex and working for 'itself' the pain has slowly started again in the last two weeks and I know what I am in for. I feel awful about the future ahead with this pain and what it can get to. I also have a new partner who has not known me off the zoladex so as much as I prep him for how debilitating it can be, I feel guilty it could become annoying for him although I know he won't mind and will be very supportive. So I have decided to take the 'bull by the horns' and not wait until it gets worse but do what i can do now. I see a chiropractor for my back so have informed him and hope he can help there, I know painkillers don't help so avoid them, unless very strong (like tramadol) but don't want to build up a tolerance to them like I have with cocodamol/codrydramol. I will keep a food and pain diary and will exercise when I can. This site has helped and I have contacted a hospital for a trial of MRI's for help with Diagnosis which I found through this site. I know how you feel and it feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. At the point when I was starting to feel that CPPS was something I just had to live with and that there was no underlying reason I found this place and now see that there should be a reason and that I am not wrong in believing this.

I hope you don't have to wait as long as I have but use this as a method of research and support and get to where you want to be sooner than mine. Its often scarey thought to disagree with doctors or specialists but I now have the confidence to go for a second opinion.

Chin up and feel free to reply to this for more or to discuss and vent things together!



You have a really niceway at looking at things i love your possitivity i hope i canbe the same im going to knucle my self down n try take control again .. I feel im in need of fresh air + its like i cant get it my life feels like its in a bubble no one can see whats going on i feel likeim suffering how did u find this way of possitivity :) an also thank u for ur meaningfull answer


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