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Doctors in north west UK?

Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post.

I have had pelvic pain on and off for almost 10 years now which has never been diagnosed. I have suffered in silence for so many years because I was so afraid and I tried to seek help from my gp but they only did basic tests and put it down to anxiety. I was so upset that they thought I was imagining this pain anf I just gave up and told myself it was all in my head.

Ive had a few years of minimal pain, with only a couple of flare ups but now I am in agony again it's flared up so bad and I can't cope. Feel so alone and ashemed to talk to anyone about it. I think it could be pn or pne but am not sure. Basically just want to know how to get help and treatment..

Just wanted to ask others how they got help and did they start by seeing gp? I'm not sure whether to see my nhs gp (2 week waiting list for appintments) or go private or see a physio? Does anyone know of any good private or nhs doctors in Manchester Liverpool area of UK that can help with pelvic pain?

Thanks for reading.

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Actually I'm under Dr Whorewell at Manchester university hospital,he is supposed to be one of the best in the country. I'm due to see his pain specialist this week. But like you I've suffered this Pelvic pain now for over 13-14 yrs. I'm also privately seeing a Physiotherapist,and to be honest I wish I had done that years ago. I'm still suffering but suffering pain forall that time,the body knows no difference,so it will take some time to work on it. If you see what I mean.


Hi I’m under Wythenshawe pain clinic for pn. I have been referred to Dr Whorewell got first appointment for end of August. How does he help with pelvic pain as I was a bit surprised when they referred me to him as I thought he was a gastroenterologist.


Hi,well if your under the pain clinic,would you be under Dr DeMello?

If so what has he done for you so far? As for Dr Whorewell he is a Gastroentrologist,I don't know if that in some way comes under Pelvic pain. Just keep your appointment and have a chat with him,then come to your own conclusion,it can't do any harm,and I think the more people you have on board the better. Have you ever given Physiotherapy a try.? I know they do that there,if you think it may be worth a try,ask Dr Whorewell about it. That's what I mean by the more people you have on board the more help you can get.

Hope this helps.


Hi,I found out Thursday,Dr Whorewell is retiring,so write anything you want to ask him down. He's a really nice and helpful person,and believe me he's going to be a big loss to medicine. So get the best out of your time with him,and believe me,time don't worry him.


Oh gosh really my appointment is 29th August I have read his reviews they are all brilliant what a shame and like you say what a loss


Thanks for your reply :)

Hope your appointment went well. How did you get referred there, was it through the NHS? Do you know if they offer private appointments?

I think I should see a physiotherapist too but a bit worried as some people say it made their pain worse. Though I do also think having the pain for so long, it wont go instantly. How long you been seeing them and how often? Is that in the Manchester area?


Hi,If I could start all over again,I think my first port of call would be a Physiotherapist,simply because it's none invasive,and no medication.

I also think they have a better idea of what's going wrong. Maybe sometimes you will feel a little sore at the end of a session,but that could be a good thing. My Physiotherapist is in Birmingham so opposite side to Manchester. I didn't get referred there,I go private.

I think you should remember all,that the pain in your pelvic area,could be nerves and nerves can affect the bowels etc etc. So it's worth seeing whoever you can.


Dear Rainbows90,

I'm new to this site too, and I just want to say how sympathetic I am to your predicament. I had to ask my GP surgery to refer me to NHS gynaecology, but no appointment until 10th October, so I've decided to go for a private consultation, which I've never done before, and can't easily afford, but I feel desperate with the pain & discomfort and lack of decent sleep. I feel I've had very little help from the GP surgery, who seem to think I'm anxious and a worrier who just likes sympathy - nothing could be further from the truth. I'm afraid you have to push the NHS these days to get help for prolapse problems. The pain is genuine and don't let anyone tell you it isn't. Also, please don't feel ashamed, you have nothing to be ashamed of. As you're in so much pain, insist on seeing your GP first as an emergency and ask for a referral to a urogynaecologist. If you broke your arm, say, you'd soon get referred to the nearest fracture clinic, so don't let them fob you off because you have a different kind of pain. Good luck.


Dear Peril,

Thanks for your message :)

Wow that's a long wait, I couldn't wait that long either.

I'm also so desperate for help and can't sleep at night. It takes me hours to fall asleep most nights. I work 4 days a week and I'm really struggling to concentrate becasue I'm so tired all the time and in so much pain. I've had to take a few sick days recently and worried about losing my job and don't know how I could talk to my boss about this. I've told them it's down to stress (which is also true) but I can't keep taking time off. I just really need help.

I want to go private too because of my horrible experiences in the past with the nhs gps.. but don't know where to start. I've googled private gynochologists and found some but not sure if they know about or can treat PN or PNE (I think this may be what I have but I'm not sure).

I know I shouldn't feel ashamed it's just so hard when no one seems to believe. This is why I haven't seeked help for years and just put up with it. Initially I had basic tests for my pain - sti, smear, urine and given thrush treatments. But when nothing showed up and pain didn't go away they just fobbed me off putting it down to anxiety because I have suffered from it since childhood. I was prescribed citralopram and diazepam. I knew my pain wasn't caused by my anxiety. I'm sorry you went through that too. Just because they can't see our pain doesn't mean it's not real, I felt so alone like the only person in the world with this pain. Was so glad when I came accross this website and forum.

I've become quite depressed over the years and my anxiety is really bad. My medical history doesn't exactly work in my favour because I have been to my gp for many years with anxiety problems also. So guess I will always be labelled as that.

Hope you don't mind me asking but how long have you had pain for? How many times did you see your gp before they agreed to refer you? Have you found a private doctor yet and have you seen a physiotherapist? I am thinking of seeing a pt privately. I'm also considering registering at another nhs surgery and trying one last time. But I couldn't wait 2 months for a refrral. I would also be scared to ask for a referral, could they refuse this?

Thanks and sorry for the long message, my thoughts are everywhere at the moment.


Hi Rainbows90, I'm so sorry to hear of all your suffering. I was diagnosed with a prolapse this May, but my trouble only started in early July. I had 4 urine tests but they were all negative. I asked one GP to refer me to NHS gynaecology, which I felt she did reluctantly, but I couldn't get an NHS appointment until the 10th October. I eventually asked my GP Surgery to refer me to a private urogynaecologist, but all they did was write an unhelpful referral, not to a particular private consultant, but just a general letter, which I disagreed with. The inference being that I was just anxious and making a fuss. I rang the local private hospital, and booked an appointment with a private consultant for this coming Monday. £200 for 20 minutes, but when you're desperate .... So I suggest you find your nearest private hospital, and ask for an appointment with a gynaecologist first of all. The secretary will tell you how much an initial consultation costs, and depending on the result the private consultant could then refer you for NHS treatment with her or him. My private consultant is also an NHS gynaecologist specialising in urogynaecology. I wouldn't bother at this stage with a physiotherapist until you have an expert diagnosis. Don't be ashamed, be angry that you're not getting the NHS treatment you need. I wish you all the best.


Hi Peril,I would just like to pick you up on something there.

Physiotherapist,are probably better at giving a diagnosis than most any other doctors. That's if you get a good one that deals with women. I've had years of suffering and if I had seen a Physiotherapist first I don't think I would be suffering now.

As I said earlier,it's also none invasive,and no medication. I think most of medicine today is about money,not care.

Believe me I've had my fair share of medication,and false test,and bad consultants,doctors,the list goes on.

So I think you got that wrong about Physiotherapist. Sorry.


Yes I totally agree it’s hard to find a good Women’s pelvic floor physio though isn’t it I saw one on Nhs that was a waste of time and the one I saw at private hospital after my hysterectomy didn’t have a clue about women’s pelvic floor I have sourced a good one but she has a long waiting list I am hoping she contacts me soon. The problem with seeing surgeons is they want to chop things off and cut thing out after all that’s what they are trained to do

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Oh you definitely have to have a reputable Physiotherapist.

I think if there's a waiting list,chances are she's good.

I had the one I have recommended to me from a lady on here,she was busy,but once I got in to see her,they made like a block of appointment for me. But of course there All having holidays now.

I was told by Professor Whorwell nurse,that they have a very good Physiotherapist. But it's to far for me to go,Birmingham is closer.

So mention it to him,he's always open to suggestions. Worth a try.


Thank you yes I will di I’m hoping I actually get to see the man himself and not one of his team


When I've seen him,there has only been him there. But on the off chance someone else may be on with him,you do know you can say "No I want to see Professor Whorwell " they can't refuse you.

Please keep us in touch,let us know how you get on.


Will do thank you.. I will ask to just see him and nobody else.

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