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need surgery

my name is Barbara and I really need help!I I am in the dark.I have had this problems for years, I am 60 now, but I will not give up. I have pudendal nerve entrapment or decompression--surgery for that.

I want to know in detail from start to finish what goes on.How is the surgery and what do they do, how long is recovery--do they give you a pump for pain, or just pain medicine.

How long is recovery? I heard it was 12 to 18 months. Is this true. I am a long distance runner, and wonder how long I will be out of commission??? Is this a truly major operation, will I feel some relieve? Please help me.

Barbara J

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Hi Barbara,

I had the surgery in March 2012. I would be happy to speak with you about it.

My email is

I will share with you my experience and hopefully answer some of your questions.

Take care of your self, Bobbi


Hi Barbara,

Have you had a diagnosis for PN and what treatments have you tried so far? There are a good many conservative treatments that should always be looked into before anyone would jump into a surgical option.

It will depend on where the entrapment is along the route of the nerve too as there are a number of options. Some do offer a pain pump.

take care,



Hi Helenlegs

Thanks for your support! I am a very detail person and really want to know alot about the surgery before I go into. I have had a lot of things done, I been to washing D.C. I live in Steamboat Springs, Co It was a long way to go, plus this dr. didn't take insurance. I went 2 times. I had some botox put in one time, That didn'twork, then I went back and I forgot what what they put into me but that didn't work all either. A lot of money for nothing.

I then went to denver and met a team of Dr's. I had 4 blocks done nothing happen.

I went to another Dr down their and had more shots into my vagina, I had this done at least 4 times. I am at the end of my road, my life is miserable . I don't want to have have this nerve entrapment/ or the decompression surgery just to have something else to do. This is very serious and the recovery is 12 to 28 month is that true?

Let me know what you think? Thanks

Barbara J


It can take a few months and it can take a couple of years even three or so I have heard. Agreed it is best to get all of the info and then it gives you the chance to make a more educated decision.

The trouble with your history is that you haven't had any positiuve diagnostic result from the botox etc.

Have you tried any pain management at all?


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