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Adenomyotic uterus?


I had my second surgery for endometriosis three weeks ago. The surgeon wasn't expecting to find anything, but my ovaries were tethered to my ligaments. Today I got the surgeon's report. (So now my GP might believe me that you can have endometriosis despite being on the pill.) The surgeon's report mentions 'an adenomyotic component' to my problems. I've been on Google because I don't have an appointment to go back to the hopsital for an explaintion until November. I haven't found out much other than this seems to be treated by hysterectomy and I don't want any more surgery. Has anybody else heard about this and ways to treat it?


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Tethering indicates adhesions. This was the wording used in my medical report too: it was dense adhesions.The main treatment for adenomyosis is GnRH agonist. There are two types of adenomyosis, focal and diffuse. If it's focal it can sometimes be removed surgically. It is highly specialized surgery. If it's diffuse/widespread surgery is less feasible. Did you have an MRI scan before the recent surgery ? A good MRI scan should be able to detect what kind of adenomyosis it is and the location etc.

Have you had pain down both legs ? as this is an indication of adenomyosis too. ?



I didn't have an MRI for endo, although I had one for my back last summer. I have had pain down my legs.

I can't contemplate the thought of more surgery at the moment and want to avoid it if possible.


That's a pity about the MRI especially as you have pain down both legs. I completely understand why you don't want more surgery.

Hope you get some improvement without.


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