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Y shaped uterus

Hi I had a lap a few months ago for suspected endometriosis and nothing was found even though I have literally every symptom. I went back to my consultant who basically told me it's all in me head and there's nothing to be done. Iv been going back through my notes and remembered when I had my ultra sound scan that they noticed my uterus dipped in the middle. They described it as a slight Y shape. Nobody has ever re mentioned or visited this and I'm wondering if this could be a cause for my symptoms.

Heavey periods

Irregular periods

Long last periods 4-14 days

Server pain

Pains to the left side

Blood clots


Pains in thighs

Pains when passing urine in my lower abdomen and after

Sharp stabbing pains randomly

Upset stomach



These are my main symptoms. I was in cerazette but they took me off that thinking this could be the cause but it's just getting worse. Has anyone else had this? Please help I feel at a bit if a loss as iv just been discharged and left. Iv been to the docs twice and got no where. Going again tomorrow as I need answers. This is ruling my life as I'm suffering with these almost every day.

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Has anyone suggested you try an IUD ( Mirena ) ? what part of the country are you ?


No, my mom and cousin both have one and swear by it. Iv just got back from the GP and they have started me on the injection before they'll do anything else. I live in Manchester.


You sound very similar to me, although i did not have a y shaped uterus.

I had all the symptoms of endo without endo. I had zoladex which worked for the pain and have since had a full hyst, which seemed to work.

Don't give up....


I would immediately find a superior pelvic specialist!! Your symptoms sound very dangerous,I won't mention it! Also, I would insist on an ablation,it's one of the greatest I ever had!! How old are you? Judy r


Why do they sound dangerous? I'm 23.


You're very young to have all these problems.Have your ovaries been checked?ultrasounds and such. Many years ago,I had an IUD ,a most awful experience,it made my periods worse,heavy,extreme cramps.I thought I would bleed to death,very often ,and sooo heavy.Hope they've improved.The best I ever did to fix all that was to be on the pill! Good luck, Judy r


I have had an ultra sound and when I had the lap they said it all looked ok. I was originally on cerazette which I was fine with for 4 years no issues no periods then all of a sudden it all went up in the air. Xx


I have the same exact problem. Except my periods are irregular with bleeding and I tend to bleed very light. I have to deal with this pretty much everyday. They tell me its all in my head and I know its not I've started taking metformin and its really helping I was told I have a y shape uterus also and I think that's what doing it to. I know how you feel don't let people tell you its in your head. Its hard to deal with and im only 22 also.


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