pelvic pain

i am in more pain than what i was when all this started. i am on so many pain killers that dont work and now i am using a walking stick coz my right leg gives out too. when i go on little walks close to home i use my stick then if i go shopping then i have to be in a wheelchair. im finding it all very upsetting coz im only 31 which is hurting like hell i wish i knew what else i can do. the chances of me getting any better are very slim.

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  • Do you know what started the pain ? What pain medication are you taking ? have you tried anything else ?

  • I am so sorry you are in such pain. If you are on loads of medication that cn make you feel awful, and - like you - I am not convinced that the drugs help much. What exactly are your sysmptoms? Have ;you tried other treatments? I find that diversion is almost the best pain reliever. If the mind is engaged it is somehow distracted from the pain. Do you have company? Chatting is a great help.Why do you have to use a walking stick? That doesn't sound like pelvic pain. Do you find the symptoms worse after eating certain foods? You could have food intolerances. Most doctors dismiss this I have found. Please write back. Best wishes, Sheilam

  • Hunni, me too pain has been so much worse since this initally started.

    I am also on a lot of pain killers and very constipated because of it and have to take laxitives which makes me have explosive dirreah.

    I also have to use a walking stick due to the pain and dizziness.

    Im only 20 and like this!

    18months of detrioating heath and incresing pain and no answers!!!!!!

    Im on a dairy free diet, take vitamins and supplements, keep as active as I can with walking the dog. Not on the pill.

  • i have been like this now since x-mas and now i am on oramorph, gabapentin and paracetamol and none of which are helping i have had an mri which came back clear now they are saying that most of it is in my head as i have depression/anxiety also boarderline personality disorder. i am being refered to the pain clinc at basingstoke hospital and i am getting worse but i dont know what the bloody hell is going on and its scaring me like mad.

  • i feel for you chez 31, i developed fibromyalgia,13 years ago and doctors love to tell you it is probably psycological it's what they love to say instead of facing the fact that they don't know what causes it,i too have had pelvic pain for several years even having my bladder removed four years ago as they thought it was that(as for years i suffered interstitil cystitis) but the pelvic pain never went ,i saw a "clinical physicologist" she spent about 10 -15 mins with me most of that was spent with her strugling with hormonal flushes as she was heavily pregnant ,i only answered two questions and she then wrote to my g.p trying to make out i was imagining things, as fibro wasn't clinically proven nor the pelvic pain i had ,stupid b****h, i was only 35 when all fibro decided to ruin my life then pelvic pain and know i am waiting t see a specialist with suspected pudendal nerve entrapment, so i know how you feel, i can't walk much myself,of course you are going to be depressed if your in pain all the time,you aren't going to be doing flippin' cartwheels with sheer delight i can understand you being scared ,i go through a whole ream of emotions on a daily basis, if it hurts it hurts simple as, it is easy for them to say they are not the ones suffering, if neccassary change you may get better help(they aren't gods just!!!)

  • i wish i could walk i cant even get out the front door before the pain starts so then i land up having to be pushed aroung in the wheelchair i have but its killing me and they say nothing is wrong. i dont believe them there is something wrong and it aint in my head

  • Hi, have you had a laparoscopy to check for endometriosis? I had acute pelvic pain, pain down right leg and couldn't walk very far.I was taking lots of painkillers and a laparoscopy has found endo, dermoid cysts and adhesions all sitting ontop of a nerve that runs down the leg. if you know there is something wrong be persistent. It could be neuropathic pain (nerve) pain. I would ask you GP about this possibility.

  • I was tired of going to the Drs around my area so I went back to the U of M to the dr. that I saw for pre cancer cells. He was up set that my dr.s wouldn't tell me I had Pelvic pain syndrom. He said they knew what I was dealing with but, didn't want to tell me cause they have not cure. Can only treat symptoms. (why are they drs. then if they can't be honest with you?) He knew by just looking at my records from here that it is what I had. He also has sent me to a pain clinic here so I could start something without including narcotics. I hate taking them. His belief is also that pelvic pain syndrom is not a syndrom but a disease because there are too many women suffering from this. The only problem is, that they can't find what causes it.

  • there are many many things that can cause pelvic pain syndrome--it's important to gain an understanding of the pelvic floor anatomy--read this blog post and it might help you better understand the pelvic floor and what can go wrong with it to cause pelvic pain as well as what your treatment options are:

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