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Hi all

hey there

I'm Erica, 34 and a mum of 3.

I suffer with Pelvic Pain and have done for years, since I was about 14. I often get Cysts on my Ovary. I was told for years I had PID, then they thought it was endo, and now they just have no idea.

I am being tested for Interstatial Cystitis at the moment which may give me some answers.

Hugs to all.


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Hi Erika,

What tests are you having and do you have urgency and/or frequency as well as pain ?


I am having an IV X-ray today at 2pm and then I have to go have some bloods taken later this week.

I did go through a stage of wetting myself as I had next to no bladder control but I had a course of Oxybutaine and that seems to have helped some.


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