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"All in your head"

I'm intrigued... I have been told by multiple GPs throughout the 8 years that I have had Pelvic pain syndrome that as there is no evident cause on MRI scans, blood test etc. that It was all in my head. I have heard this in many of your posts and I completed my dissertation on chronic pain 18 months ago which said that this was also an issue.

Out of interest how many of you have been told this, or at least had it implied by a Dr?

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Rosie81 look up my recent post and pass the news please


I think we have all either been told or felt as though we are not believed at some stage. Stay strong and persever with finding the truth


Told by GP and 2 consultants, both neurologists


I just had a ganglion impar block that took away alot of pain from my pelvis, tailbone, and perineum. Nerves are too small to see on scans, they cant just rule them out.


well, let's face it. GPs are only some people who prescribe paracetamol and stand between you and the real doctors. I've had one obgyn at st mary's contradict my symptoms...

and yes, nerves can't be seen on scans usually, and nerve pain is hard to manage.


Yes, one consultant said the same to me. It put me in a state of total despair! I don't suffer from depression but I was in tears that night! Luckily I was still sure help must be around and I sat at the computer and poured my heart out. I was led to this site which helped me big time. I have since found help with better medication and an appointment with some one who actually knows about my area of pain. Its a much more positive outlook for me.

Keep looking and learning yourself and keep checking into this site as people on here truly understand pain and may have hints or tips on how to go on or where to look for help. It has helped me so much and will always be truly grateful that I found this site. I was in a low place that night just because of that one consultant!


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