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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has similar symptoms/experiences to me?

I am 19 years old and currently recovering from a lap I had on Monday. I had suffered with lower right sided abdominal pain for 3 years and only last year has it become constant, more painful and basically life ruining. I was put on the pill, hooked on painkillers and thrown on prostap, told it was all in my head, said I'd have to live with it, told it would go on it's own etc. I was adamant it's endo but the surgeon said it might be very mild as we didn't see it but I do have congestation on my pelvis. Wether it causes the pain, they do not know. I now have a catheter in at home as I cannot urinate anymore since the op and they don't know why. I have to wait two months until my next appointment and it's really upsetting. Sorry for the long message. God bless xx

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Hi michealaS, my story is similar in some ways to yours. I have had pelvic inflammatory disease through no fault of my own. I had my laparoscopy last year to rule out endometriosis and they didn't find any. Because they think I have had salpingitis (infection of the Fallopian tubes, I had a dye test to see if they were clear, which they were. However, whilst they were doing the laparoscopy, they found that a lot of blood was pooling in my pelvis. Since this, my gynaecologist has referred me to a pelvic pain specialist but he did say I may have to have the nerves seperated in my pelvis. Not sure how this works as I've not yet seen my new consultant. You seem very down and I don't blame you, I certainly have my days. I cannot walk or stand long at all anymore without pain. And it's very hard to think that a couple of years ago, this was non existent.

I'm 21 by the way. If you have any other thoughts please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Hi I have been in chronic pain for just over 2 years. Lots of tests and nothing found!!

Very depressing and life changing. However 2weeks ago I had my bladder stretched and my urethral tube was stretched too as over tight !! The surgeon originally said he would do this as my wee habits had changed and he said this would help them but unsure if would help the pain. But, so far each day my chronic pain is fading and I no longer feel like I am carrying a boulder around with me. I hate saying this as I worry I am jinxing it all to come back. But it seems my chronic pain could of been my bladder and wee-ing tube all along , fingers crossed !!! Get yours checked mate. X


Just don't give up!! Like everyone else I have had chronic pain for the last few years and now I am finally getting to see specialists who know about this area. It was the attitude of one consultant who suggested I may just have to live with pain that spurred me on to look myself into possibilities of its cause.

I was at my wits end with it all until I found this site. You sound very down and with good cause but keep looking and listening. I send all good wishes your way.



I think you have to wait at least 15 days to see.

If you still not able to urinate, it's because there may have been some trauma to the nerves of the bladder. But for what you describe does not seem to be reason for that during your surgery.

however... if that is the scenario it is possible to recover bladder function through a neurostimulator (without using a catheter).

Sometimes people keep the catheter during two months (from what I read the testimonies). i guess you have to wait to see.

keep telling us the news



Your so young to go through this. I'm 35 and have unexplained pelvic pain, probably over sensitive nerves and muscle spasms. Just when I was about to die from pain and depression I started on nortriptyline, after hundreds of tests and meds that failed. This is not narcotic. It saved my life. I have the pain under control these days. Just a suggestion to mention to your doctor. Also walking, stress reduction, healthy diet, lotsd of water,stretching,magnesium, flaxseed oil. Don't give up.


Did they mean pelvic venous congestion also known as Pelvic Congestion Syndrome which is varicose veins in the pelvis may be worth checking with them:

"Pelvic congestion syndrome is a poorly understood condition

that forms part of chronic pelvic pain syndrome – this makes up

10–40% of gynaecological outpatient department referrals.

Pelvic congestion syndrome is thought to affect 3.8% of women of

childbearing age yet the clinicians evaluating these patients are

usually unaware of the condition and a significant number of

trainees are not up to date with the current diagnostic and

management options" Mohamed Waseem Osman et al :The Obstetrician & Gynaecologist 2013;15:151–7

This is a poorly recognized condition. Here is some info and symptom lists from doctors who can treat it - bsir.org/patients/pelvic-ve...

and pelvic-congestion-syndrome.... . Of course I do not know if the PCS is causing the pain (it can occur with other things), but hopefully by reading about it more you will be able to see if the symptoms match your pain.


Hi, oh my goodness you are was to young to be going thru this. Pelvic congestion absolutely can cause pain and it hard to get it to go away even with surgery. The congestion is in the blood's vessels themselves. I had a complete hysterectomy at 25 and I am 35 now and I am in no better place than I was when I started 10 years ago. As women we can't let these doctors bully us just because they don't want to listen to us. Their not inside our bodies to tell us "no you can't be in pain everyday" because you know Yes we can because we live it day in and day out. All of this has inspired me to write a book about my struggles, maybe, just maybe it will help another young woman to not feel so alone. I hoe everything works it for you. Good luck doll, you may need it. There could be a very long road ahead you. God bless you as well.



Are you able to urinate already?


I am so sorry for not replying and I thank you all for responding. Please message me for updates on all of our current health xxx


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