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just looking for some support, not entirely sure I just want someone to listen and help me :(

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I’m just looking for advice on what to do.

I had a surgery in September (for endo) where they found scar tissue wrapped around my ovaries and bowel, they then said I’m no longer their problem and took me off the gyno list. Since then my pains just are getting worse. I’m not sure what to do should I go for a second opinion? The scar tissue I’m not sure the cause I’ve never ever had an sti or std so I know it’s not related to that. I’ve never had surgery before apart from in septmeber and the only thing I can think of is I had two contraceptive implants in my arm instead of 1 ( doctors mistakes) .

as well as this during my surgery the surgeon must have messed up because I’ve lost all feeling in my thigh. I’m not sure how to deal with this, tbe hospital won’t do anything to help me right now. So any numbers or emails I can contact to find support would be nice :)

I also had the coil put in when I was under for surgery ( given consent) it caused me so much pain that when I went to hospital with the pain a doctor come up to me and said “if you want it out that bad you know where the toilet is”

I’ve had to be signed of uni due to the impact of neglect I’ve had from my hospital so please be kind with comments I Jusy don’t want to feel alone.

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I am so sorry that you are having these problems I too have issues with pudendal neuralgia …I hate to hear of any one being mis treated…my advise is to find a pelvic pain specialist..if you are in the UK you may have to pay out of pocket for a good dr. I am in the states and although I was misdiagnosed for over a year and a half our dr.s seem better at these types of issues once they or you figure out what is wrong with you…but do try to find a dr that specializes in pelvic pain I know of a gal in England that had to go to France for her issue…I will keep you in prayer

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You need to see a neurologist. Your thigh shouldn’t be numb.

You should lodge a formal complaint at the hospital where the doctor told you to use a toilet to remove your coil. That is gas lighting!

I had a coil put in and after two weeks of constant bleeding my gynaecologist removed it. Get that out of you. I’m sorry you’re dealing with uncaring doctors.

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