Puedendal nerve injections

Hi again,

Just an update. Had a bilateral ultrasound guided set of injections yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I expected. Had a good nights rest. No worsening of pain yet but early days. I will report back over next few weeks to let you all know the outcome. There were 6 people getting them done. 3 of us were newbies and the other three it was there second set. Their outcome wasn't really that successful but each tivtgeir own. I have to try at least to eliminate one thing at a time frim the "pain pool"


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  • glad everything went ok for you, but just to say there shouldnt be any worsening of pain if done correctly, non of my nerve block injections have ever caused more pain. if nothing else it should be a good diagnostic guide as to if you have pne


  • That's exactly what they said at the hospital. My main pain is coccyx pain and pelvic floor pain so they believe their may be some involvement of p n as it is worse when sitting, but like you say it has to be done to eliminate one thing or another. Thank you for your reply.


  • Can I ask were any of your nerveblocks successful !

  • Did you have any pain relief from the nerve blocks? If you get pain relief then that is diagnostic of pudendal Neuralgia.

  • I had numb buttocks and I'm not sure I had a drastic relief. Today I have a flare of pain, internal tingling nerve pain in buttocks. Can't lie on them at all, sits bone/groin burning so I have just said to my husband, I'm confused! Don't really know what to make of it to be honest.


  • If pain is in the buttocks when sitting it is not pudendal nerve but posterior femoral cutaneous nerve.

    To distinguish from the 2 nerves you need a guided block of each nerve 2 weeks apart without using steroids. If it is the PFCN, then if local blocks with steroids do not help, surgery of possibly a neuroma of the PFCN is the next step.


  • Hi Gals, just wanted to check in and wish great success to those of you headed for surgery. My surgery was Nov 2016 with Dr. Dellon in Maryland, USA.

    I have very little nerve pain. Maybe 30 seconds of it if I squeeze the obteratur muscle. On occasion I will have a flare and feel a rectal burn.

    My surgery was successful. I had bilateral perineal branch surgery moving them into the obteratur muscles via perineal route. The Surgical scars are not noticeable. Very clean lines, looks great!

    I do not take any medication. Nor do I need it.

    Dr. Dellon did exactly as he stated .

    I am in physical therapy strengthening my core and weak glute muscles. Working the transabdominal muscles.

    Due to a previous surgery my outer anal sphincter is assymetrical. I will start biofeedback therapy to strengthen weakened side of sphincter muscle. I will get an anal ultrasound to look into how the muscles work.

    We are all different. The nerve pain started for me after anal fistula surgery.

    I am happy I went and had my nerves moved. It was the best decision for me.

    Now I am working out the kinks. This is a very complex issue for everyone. We can all help each other. I wish you well. I will post new information as I heal.

  • I am so glad you have found relief, you seem to have made the right decision . I wish you great progress with the ironing out of the other bits.


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