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rectonal pain

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I have levitor ani syndrome which is a very painful rectom am in so much pain please do help does anyone else suffer from this condition 🙏

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I've had levator syndrome for a long time had a sacral nerve implant put in doesn't cure but it helps

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Yeah I was diagnosed 6yrs ago and it is a very painful difficult condition I also have a rectocele and slow transit colon which makes having a normal bowel motion very difficult for me.I have to use transanal irrigation and manual extraction daily, took me a long time to manage this but now it is part of my morning routine.

What really helps me is seeing a bowel/bladder specialist physio. I get internal/external vaginal trigger point Therapy which helps a lot . It doesn't eradicate pain but helps with painful muscle spasms and allows me to sit more comfortably for short periods.

I also see a urogynecologist who gives me Botox injections into pelvic floor. Usually every 3mths. It really helps to ease painful spasms.

It did take me quite a long time to get a treatment and combination of meds that help but I can now enjoy more activities.

Hope you find a treatment that works well for you.

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I will be 69 in April and I've had this condition for 3 years and at first I thought it might be hormone related... But I also had a car accident I thought that might be it and then I realized that I had constipation problems a long time so I don't know what it's caused by but 3 years ago I started having stabbing pain and burning in the rectal area so mine is mainly rectal and I was diagnosed with Levator Ani buy a colorectal doctor and also after I went to pelvic floor physical therapy which I recommend she said it was levator Ani too however there might be some Pudental nerve involvement. I think it takes a lot of modalities for to manage this but it can be a lot better once you figure out how to manage it .I went to pelvic floor physical therapy for a year and that helped... I took muscle relaxers if I needed them and that helped.. I did stretching and breathing exercises which the PT had showed me and I still do them to this day three times a week... I sit on a tennis ball which relaxes the muscles down there if I need it... I took as much stress out of my life as I could and that meant people that stressed me out too... I'm starting to meditate now and through all of this I had much less spasms and issues however I had some residual burning which I have now managed with a low dose nerve pain medication. This all helps and plus I have a cushion that is a memory gel foam cushion which I sit on and I never sit without it has a hole cut out where the rectal tailbone area is. You can get them on Amazon and it's well worth it although most of them are only around $30... As I say this is all helping me where I can have more of a normal life now but some people they need more like a nerve stimulator to cut the pain signals and there are multitude of things that will help so don't be afraid and don't give up just start with a pelvic floor PT and go from there and you might need a pain clinic too which I have a pain specialist now but as I say I just take a low dose nerve medication which helps pain/ anxiety

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