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anyone had shingles ?

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afternoon as anyone had shingles , i was feeling back to my old self 3 months after op . then i had 4th covid vaccine and then 7days after i had pain on my right side and then got told could be gallstones then a rash came on the right side were my pain was so i phoned my doctors told them i think its shingle which it was . i was gave aciclovir 800mg and was told to take 1 5 times a day which seems alot . as anyone had this med for shingles if so any side effect . thanks

6 Replies
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I too had shingles start a few days after my (in my case fifth) Covid jab. Mine was on the right side of my face. I have read that there is a slightly increased risk of shingles after the vaccine, particularly for people who have weak immune systems (like I have). Re the aciclovir: 800mg five times a day is the standard dose for shingles. I managed it without obvious side-effects. I hope you recover well.

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Mrshappyme in reply to Euler

thanks for your reply . i have had a op for aprolase bladder . thankyou i knew i felt ok till the vaccine but keep fingers crossed ill be fine for xmas .i was realy looking forward to xmas but i cant have any vistoors now .

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That’s certainly the dosage recommended in the BNF ( It gave me diarrhoea, so I stopped and the shingles went of its own accord in about 3 weeks. I found paracetamol helped with the pain. Worth a try, though, because everyone’s experience is different and it might speed up your recovery.

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Mrshappyme in reply to Superzob

yesi was gave aciclovir too but i felt sick and diarrhoea too so iv left them .just hope im better for xmas

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Hi, my mother has just had shingles, she was given aciclovir five times a day, made her to tired so doctor changed to another type twice a day, but I cannot remember what they where called. Hope your better soon.


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Mrshappyme in reply to suzie44na

oh thankyou for replying i see if my doctor will give me something different be nice to feel a little comfy at xmas

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