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as anyone had uti infections

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as anyone had uti infections with a prolase bladder as iv had one after ther other and its getting me so dowen . iv got a pressery ring in idont know if it could be the ring causing the infections never had any untill i had prolase. . and i cant have the ring out as i feel wrose with out it.

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I had an issue with three close together last year, and had three lots of antibiotics. I expect the third one did the trick though can’t recall what it was. None since There is a one sachet treatment available on prescription but don’t know the name of it. Ring pessary fitted but I am not sure there is any link in my case.

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thankyou for your reply i too have the pressry ring i beleive its the ring causeing it donest suit me

I have had many UTI"s. They stopped when I got a sling, initially. Then the mesh eroded into my urethra. But, I believe keeping your organs more in place with a pessary should help this. My doctor shared with me in September that studies are showing better prevention of UTI's with D-mannose than with antibiotic. I know UTI's are miserable and painful. Mine are much more painful following the mesh sling eroding. But even with all the damage done to my urethra, I am getting them less frequently with D-mannose and 2 AZO cranberry tabs. I wish you the best.

Very helpful information, thank you for sharing.

thankyou were do you get d mannose from ?


I too get UTI’s all the time. I also have IC, interstitial cystitis aka painful bladder syndrome. One of my dr’s recommended d-mannose. Started taking it recently. I am almost finished with another round of antibiotics. I hope the d-mannose works. I am glad it is helping you.

Before I had the surgery to correct my bladder prolapse (no mesh) I had uti’s one after the other the pessarys I tried gave me yeast infections…after my surgery 4 years ago I have only had one…d mannose is what I use as soon as I feel one coming on…if you are considering surgery please speak with your dr. About any nerve damage and insure he/she is a UTI/gyn specialist much luck

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thankyou for your nice reply . just hope i havent got long to wait . no i dont want mesh. i dont know what options there are for prolased bladder for surgery . im worrying about nerve damage xx

You definitely don't want mesh. I am a poster child for what it can do. I have not been able to have intercourse since I was 49. There are doctors who will still try to talk you into it. I know many injured by it, and I knew a woman who died from it. And another woman whose life was shortened due to it. I went septic from a UTI in 2014. Was on a ventilator for 4 days. Mesh makes it easier for the doctor. Some women seem to do ok, but it has a high failure rate. All I had was a sling. Just to cement your response. I know you said you didn't want to go that way. They can use your own skin if they do not have enough material to work with. You will not react to it, it will not shrink, etc. Sorry if I sound melodramatic, but I really do not want to see another woman suffer. God has been good to me, my husband (40 years now) did not leave me. He has stood by me and still holds me while I get botox into my who-ha. He gets tears in his eyes. But, I have lost so much. I live in terrible pain. I'm now 60 and our golden years are being spent by going to many doctor appointments.

Also, to prevent nerve damage it is better to go through the abdominal wall than through the who-ha (a blind procedure).

Thank you for telling us your story, it must be so frustrating. It helps to know why mesh should be avoided.

Had UTI's constantly for years. (I still believe the "issues" I have now are the result of SO many antibiotics. In fact, I had 1 or 2 that no longer worked on me). I use past tense because since I started using cranberry with D-Mannose, I have not had one. That was about 6 years ago. AOR UTI Cleanse with D-Mannose tablets was what I used. Then I found a less expensive option: NOW Mannose Cranberry. Best of luck to you.

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were do you get d mannose from? if you dont mind me asking

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smg60 in reply to Mrshappyme

I used to buy it at a health store. (cranberry extract or juice never worked for me. The D-Mannose is what made the difference.) But I found the prices were better on line - Healthy Planet or Lucky Vitamin. These are Canadian sites, but you just have to Google "cranberry with D-Mannose" Get tablets or capsules (mixing powder is a pain). I'm sure you've already been told to bear down near the end of your pee so that you completely empty your bladder, always wipe front to back after a pee and esp after a bowel movement, and to drink lots of water.

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thankyou i will try the d manose and cranbery you rve helped me as im so uncomfy

Hi.Have had a few- you poor thing.Best advice is to drink loads of water and plain cranberry juice to flush out your system.Up your vitamins,get plenty of rest and sleep.

Check it out regularly with a nurse.

Love Sara

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Mrshappyme in reply to Meze

thankyou for your nice reply iwill order some crambery crambery imight try d manose afew ladys on here said they take that for uti s and it helps thankyou

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thankyou for your reply i take vitiman d3 and iv started to take b12 12 3 times a week plenty of water and a probotic in the morning i put it on my albran with dark grapes to help bowel to stay open ill try plain cramberry and go sleep in the afternoon. see if that help the weekness

I’m dealing with one right now! I have bladder prolapse and haven’t had surgery. I’m 78. My GP says it’s not a UTI according to the test but I have all the painful symptoms and cloudy urine. My GP says it’s cystitis snd antibiotics won’t do anything for it. I have an appt with my specialist urogynocologist but she can’t see me until January! AZO cranberry tablets and vitamin C seemed to help and I’ve heard about d-manose, but I’m worried about their effect on blood sugar as I’m prediabetic due to long term prednisone use for an autoimmune disease.

Any advice? The pain has gotten worse again. Should I see a regular urologist or try to get antibiotics from my GP?

I meant to reply to the original post by myrd happyme, instead I think I replied to someone else.

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