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thrush infection

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hi i rang my gynocoligist yesterday and said i need to come down and see you as im sore iv got a uti infection and i think my pressry ring as sliped and when that slips it feels like a nerve plusating she said come down and i look at you she said the ring had move and the reson i was sore was i have thrush so i was gave 500 mg of clotrimazole with a applicator to help to place the tablet in your virgina .at night befor bed so i did soon as i did it i felt a burnig sensation and it still feels like that since .as any one had this with there prolase the gynocoligist said the pressry ring isent suiting you and your getting uits afteruti one after anther and the anitibiotics are causing thrush . im so tierd of runing around when your not feelling well but i keep my smiling as much as i can . just want my op

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Oh my, I am so sorry. Just awful! I know because I'm dealing with this too. Seems like a never ending circle at times. I take 2 floragen at night, in addition to tercanozole (vaginal cream for yeast infection). Fluconazole helps a lot. But I find when its bad, I take 4 a day. 2 at night, 2 in the morning. I have seen 6 OB/GYN'S now. 1 said I have a grade 3 cystocele. 1 a grade 2. And the rest grade 1. I was very upset with all my issues (cathing, bowels not working right, pain, etc.) and I asked "if I am a grade 1 cystocele, then why is the bladder sitting at the opening of my vagina when I stand up?" This was the answer "its coming from the pressure from above." I'm either crazy, or an idiot for taking that answer. I didn't respond at the time. But now am thinking, WTH?? I have all the symptoms of rectocele and cystocele. When did my bladder ever sit at the opening of my vagina. Why does it feel like I'm trying to push the yeast infection wand through heavy sheets? This is not normal!!! I think the truth is they're afraid to touch me at this point. I've had 22+ surgeries in the last 11 years to get the mesh out and to help with pain. They have been mostly successful. One doctor who is willing to operate wants to use allograft for support. I am scared to death to use it. I asked him to harvest my own skin. He said I don't have enough. UGH!!! I can't continue like this. Right now on fire. From yeast. Also thrush! From double antibiotics, one for bronchitis and one for UTI. Couldn't give a multi-spectrum antibiotoc for both. Trying to keep a good attitude. Praying for all the suffering on this board and others . Growing weary. Hangest Thou in There!!

Hi there. Your consultant should have explained that the walls in your vagina keep your bladder and bowels in place and when you have a cystocele or a rectocele your bladder and bowels come down and can sit at the opening of the vagina. This is not life threatening just very uncomfortable. It's unfortunate that you have had so many operations and I feel for you. I do hope they sort you out soon. Best regards. Sue

Isn't that a vaginal prolapse?

Yes it is

Sorry to hear your going through it too .my bowel s aren't working properly too. I have a uti at present and thrush I'm young 61 trs and is it normal to have like a shakey feeling in arm legs and a ache down below ? And feel like you come over all cold in the face every now and then I walk the floor with the ache down below

Yes, I am 60 years. I know exactly what you mean. I too have a UTI, vaginal yeast infection and thrush. Floragen 3 usually helps a lot But this time was on 2 antibiotics at once. I'm sure positioning of organs adding to it and also having to cath sporadically.

Morning could I as do you ever have a fuzzy head ache when you have a uti infection

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And does it effect your eyes . As I feel very unwell is it meds that can make you feel achey body and headache and eyes ache bad I'm going to have eye test today

Yes. And I get migraines. I am positive all the medications I am on are adding to it. I have found that the floragen 3 probiotic really helps. I took 3 last night and thrush was greatly reduced this morning. Head is clearer as well.

Hi can I ask you you have thrush and uti infections can you take yes vm moisturiser cream in to your virgina even if you are on treatment for thrush . Only I was thinking that might help xx

I am not familiar with vm moisturizer?

Its for virginal hydrating help you to stop feeling so dry there are lots of different one s in the yes long lasting moisturiser.. you can buy them over the counter I have the hormone free ones as iv had breast cancer 7 year ago so I cant have anything with estrogen in .

hi after reading your meassage iv decided to try floragen 3 probotic are there difference streangth of then annd what strength is best to take and i was on doubble anitibiocs this week finished uti tablets today but iv got a to place a tablet in my virgina for thrush . i feel so weak and tiered i ll get d mansoe see if that helps as i dont want to keep taking anitibiotics if i can help it. i wish you well and the other ladys too

I buy floragen 3. It says it is for digestion. But it works for me on thrush. I usually take 2 once a day. But yesterday was so bad I took 3 in morning, 3 at night. Much better this morning. But not gone. I'll take 2 tonight. I only take when dealing with thrush. I was on 2 antibiotics, so worse than usual.

reading all the post, one realises how many ladies suffer these awful problems. Support networks seem non existent. I feel for all of you. just expressing yourselves on line helps a little. Pessaries do not suit me,and they appear to cause infection in some patients. waiting to see if i can have an operation for bladder prolapse. good luck ladies.

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