Can anyone give me advice?

Hi im having such a terreble time for the last 11 days my back had such severe pain that i was screaming in pain and couldnt even walk i called docs he gave me diazipam amd tramadol and naproxin didnt help atal the next day my friend came in i was screaming she managed to get me in car took me to a&e they sent me away said they couldnt help as was an ongoing problem with my back .. called docs back the next day he came to see me and gv me an injection said this would defo help it didnt !! He gave me a stronger antiflam due to resting my back had got better but im left with this realy sore pulling like pain down my bum and all the way down my leg it feels a dead weight when i try to turn in bed i literaly have to lift my lef myself to shuffle around its so sore i cant even describe but i have 2 kids and a full tome job and dont get paid if im off so have to go back tomoz can anyone recomend something that will help 🙏🏼 🙁

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  • Hi I too am having worrying lower back pain in the mornings especialy and it goes all the way around the front too I can hardly stand first thing in the morning. I feel ready for the knackers yard am waiting an appointment to see a specialist but these things take time. I am a carer for my partner so I stay home alot and have to watch TV alot so this probably doesnt help my posture. It must be awful knowing that you have a job to get to I dont think I could manage that. I dont take pain killers as I dont want to start down that road particullay. I keep thinking it could be my bed or lack of exercise I just want it to go away it is dibilertating. x

  • Yeh its tough going and actualy begining to feel depressed with it all now as i need to work to pay the bills hopefully u get ur back problem sorted u should try heat pads hot water bottle etc i fine they help but yeh more movment will be benificial i think thats what they tell u anyway 👍🏻 X

  • Hi hun, im really sorry to hear you are in so much pain.

    Considering you have posted this in a pelvic pain support group, I assume you have some issues regarding pelvic pain as well. I too suffer from awful lower back pain! I asked my gynaecologist about this and she said that your sciatic nerve runs from your lower back, down to your legs which can flare up when you have chronic pelvic pain. For me this seems the most realistic reason that would cause my pain. However this does not mean this could be the cause for your terrible pain.

    Do you have problems with the discs in your spine? my mum has one particular disc in the lower part of her spine that slips out - when this happens she cannot walk and no amount of pain relief can help dull the pain. Could this be a possibility for you?

    usually a good amount of codeine helps my back pain, but by the sounds of all the other medications you have tried, codeine seems it wouldn't be much of a help!

    I really do feel sorry for you. I hope you can get to the bottom of this soon :( xx

  • I actualy dont have any pain in my pelvic the sight recomended this page for me for some reason i did think that myselfyes i have 3 bulging disks and thy are

    Going to start me on an injection in march but what do i do untill then 😫 Xxx

  • Yes it sounds exact same as ur mum nothing takes the edge of the pain ... thanx for responding and i realy hope u get ur problem sorted soon as would hate for it to get worse xx

  • You poor thing! I can't even begin to imagine how much pain you are in right now. I really wish I could do more to help, but I really have only little knowledge on back pain. Such a shame that the injection is such a while away too! I remember when I had to wait 3 months before they would allow me to even try codeine. Its absolutely terrible. I'll be keeping watch of how other people cope with their back pain...and if I see anything that could help you, I will let you know. xx

  • Thankyou so much for your kind words iv been referred for another mri as they think someging else may be going on ad not long till injection now tbh iv got alot better can walk properly now but my leg still aches but iv forced myself to work and kept active no matter what xxx

  • Good on you for still remaining active and not giving up! you're truly a very strong person for getting through all this pain. I hope your next MRI and injection goes well. Let me know how everything goes xxx

  • Thankyou so much and i hope everything is well for u and yes ill jeep intouch xxx

  • Try accupunture and also go 2 boots chemist buy a back support with gel pack in you can heat or freeze or just put on about £35 but worth it had mine for yrs best thing I have bought,I had damaged disc after epidural and the pain travels done my leg

  • Oh ill gv it a shot thanx so much xx

  • T

    Have you been xrayed? I would advise you to seek a MRI of your spine. Find out the diagnosis first. Then proceed to a treatment plan. The fact that you are having the feeling of pain radiating down your leg tells me that you potentially have a spinal disc problems. I've lived with a bulging disc for the past 25 years. Exercise has helped me with my back pain. You can also buy an inversion device called teeter hang up. This will increase the space between the disc to allow blood flow into the disc to help heal it. Plus to relieve pressure off the disc area to relieve pain. I know how horrendous back pain can be to ones life. Take care...Pegs

  • KaseyKat pain down the leg also suggests that it maybe related to sciatica. There is nothing that automatically suggests a bulging disc. Degeneration of the discs in the spine is a normal finding in anyone over the age of 30. It's only when the amount of degeneration is considered abnormal and other symptoms are present a diagnosis such as osteoarthritis may be considered. But again a rheumatologist would need to diagnose this after looking at X-rays or MRI scans if clinically indicated. It might be best to check if hanging upside down would help or be advisable in your case. Anyone with back pain who is concerned must seek the advice of a doctor or physiotherapist who will advise and order imaging studies if necessary

    Has anyone suggested a cause to your back pain? Is it related to any pelvic pain/condition?

    I myself suffer from back pain which appears to have more than one cause. I suffer from back pain from endometriosis and adenomyosis, I have mild degenerative discs in back but also my core muscles were found to be weak which was a result from the pain from endometriosis, adenomyosis and IC. I was given exercises by a rehabilitation physiotherapist I saw privately on the recommendation by the women's health physiotherapist. She told me that my muscles were trying to protect myself from the pain which resulted in weak core stability. By doing the exercises which were Pilates based I have 'cured' 80% of my pain. I do however have to continue with the exercises otherwise it returns. The other 20% is probably related to the discs in my back but keeping active is really important. When my pain is bad I use heat patches which someone else has recommended, lidocaine patches which a pain management specialist gave me on prescription and told the GP to prescribe but I believe they are on a list where some trusts won't prescribe them due to limited evidence they work - I was told they only work slim but don't quote me on that! I was also given capsaicin cream which is fantastic and again available on prescription. I use it 3 times a day. It takes a while for it to work but after daily use for a week I could notice a big difference. If I stop using it I do notice the pain returning. I also use a TENS machine which one of my specialists recommended I try. I take no oral medication for back pain as evidence is weak that it is the most effective method. Paracetamol can work in some cases especially if it's due to cold or flu. But long term it is considered best to avoid oral medications for back pain. I myself noticed that not even opiate based medications worked for my back pain. I also prefer to use topical relief, physiotherapy, TENS and heat. I hope some of these suggestions that others and myself have suggested. I hope that helps

  • T,

    If you are having numbness of your leg & foot, then you definitely have a disc problem. A bulging disc will cause pain down the leg. A ruptured disc will cause pain and numbness of the foot. I would seek an MRI first for diagnosis. Then seek all treatment options.

  • KaseyKat

    The original post mentions nothing about numbness in the leg - my leg feels heavy when I have had sciatica in the past and yes very painful. Until and if needed an MRI or X-ray has been carried out it's best not to speculate what the problem could be.

  • My original post was before my problem had got worse

  • This is coming from a physical therapist 15 years. No longer working cause completely disabled now. Treated many cases of low back problems in my time of working. My dear if you are lifting your leg to move it. You need to see a doctor and get properly diagnosed and yes the doctor will probably do X-rays and an MRI. It doesn't just sound like sciatica or pudendal pain from the dermatome pattern. Please go to the doctor and keep us posted. Praying for you. Deb.

  • Hi sorry havnt been on this been so fed up iv been limping and my foot has had basicaly no strength in it de referring e for another mri and on the 8th march im getting some kind of injection from the pain clinic iv got to say tho its actualy feeling alot better as of this last week thankyou for ur advice xxx

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