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Bladder pain

I been suffering with this bladder pain for 7 years and docter been prescribe anthobiotics all the time I usually always have very low bacteria I was in remission for a while and now all starting again I been to one urologist and he has given me theee different pills for overactive bladder that what he said I have they never work they made my bladder burn like crazy so I quit seeing him now I'm seeing a lady urologist she send me for a ct scan and a scope and said everything is fine so she wants me to try another pills for overactive bladder it's call myrebectic I didn't started it yet because last time I saw her she did a urine check and my culture said I had low bacteria ecol so she gave me ciproflacin for treat it and I been taking it it been two days and my bladder getting worse it burn so bad it feels like fire especially after I pee I don't sleep much because I have to pee all the time I'm so sick on this I'm getting into a depression !!! My urologist most of time when I go see her it's like your so rush cannot even talk and my family seen the same I feel like I'm crazy sometime nobody understand my pain please if anybody out there has the same problem help and I'm sure I'm not alone

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Sounds like cystitis. Are you drinking plenty of water, like 3 pints a day. It's over 40 years since I had cystitis but I remember you can get something from you doctor and in meantime you might be able to get something from your pharmacy. Plus drinking barley water may help. Look Cystitis up on Internet and see how it compares to your problem .


I'm on ciproflacin right now and it's making my bladder worse and most of the time my culture are negative the other time when my bladder flare up .you said to drink barley how to you make that do you boil barley if so how much barley . I really had a bad night pee all night with burning bladder


So long ago, but one used to be able to buy lemon barley cordial in the shops. The item I got from the chemist as they were called then was some revolting type liquid to drink. This was meant to cure it. The Barley water was meant to help as well but not the main thing to take as I seem to remember. Look up barley water on the Internet and type in cystitis as well and see what comes up. But flushing out with lots of water as I remember was a help.plain water


Yes I have that too. IC w hunners ulcers-worse case had ulcer burned off bladder, no sleep either up every hour for 4 yrs's very hard I know.

Google interstitial cystitis network and read all you can.

Drunk plenty of water a day 12 8oz or more...

No acid foods see ic diet from IC network site above.

I've gone on a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy free diet about two years ago and that has really helped. Sugar very bad!

Hang in there! You are not alone.

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I meant 12 8oz glasses a day... say away from coffee tea and soda


Could it all be something to do with hormone??? I'm 57 years old and it all started after my periods were done I'm at the end of my rope docterssometimes don't think your in pain because you don't look sick with this terrible disease


There are estrogen receptors in the bladder, it may be worth getting your hormone levels checked, particularly if you're menopause/post menopause. I use topical estrogen and Vagifem - internal pessary. Systemic HRT (tablets, patches) doesn't always do the trick for the bladder and topical estrogen has far less risks associated with it as very little of it enters your blood stream. Might be worth investigating. Best of luck!


Try to eliminate sugar after holiday including juices. Eat 2 plain yogurts everyday. I think tea, coffee, alcohol, chocolate, will make it worse. Try to do s simple diet of Whole Foods include lots of green vegetables and fruits. Olive oil, avocado, fish oil pill will give you good fats. Stay away from processed foods. Commit for s while until you feel better then slowly introduce some things back.

8-8oz glasses of water a day

Good luck


Thanks have yourself a merry Christmas happy new year!!


That sounds similar to FODMAP diet. Do you have irritable bowel syndrome? They've discovered most people w IBS, actually have SIBO. it causes diahrea or constipation, bloating, stomach pain & general ill health. Go to a gastroenteroligist, & they can order a home test $30 for the take home test. It's a breath test, & will tell if you have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). You mail in the results. If you have it, they have a anti biotic, Xifaxin, that can help. Also you go on this FODMAP Diet (basically no Glueten, milk, sugar, & limited fruits. You can look it up. The 1st thing they want to do is a colonoscopy, but I refused. They make a lot of money from a colonoscopy. (It caused me to get pudendal Nueralgia). You can always do it later if necessary. I mentioned earlier, they have a new test, that checks for cancer, without going thru a colonoscopy. Good luck!


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