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With bladder prolapse pain is worse some days than others why?

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Today my prolapse bladder pain is bad

Any one recommend things to do

Apart from taking inflammatory tablets

Which don’t touch the pain ..

Known as a heavy ache down their

Sitting worse

Laying down not even relieved today 🥺🥺

I’m still waiting for treatment

They haven’t even began to treat me as investigations went to the actual bladder first.. cystoscopy done found to be normal

Looking online for a rubber ring to sit on..

sitting on a toilet .. I’m not wait bearing.. so I think this might benefit me 🥺

But how do you get through the day

I’m already off sick from work


No visitors.. cause I just can’t deal with it..

When you have continuous pain you have nothing else on your mind..

Even TV won’t distract me!’

Having the urge to pee?

Why does the prolapse cause that?

I haven’t got a UTI.. checked

Doing me pelvic floor exercises loads..

Squeeze and hold

Buts it’s painful

Fed up..

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Try stopping the pelvic floor exercises, if not done absolutely correctly you will be making things worse not better and if it is a prolapse that's gone to higher stages no amount of pelvic floor stuff will help.Try lying down with bum raised up, should give temporary relief. Sadly no magic fixes to be had.

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Hihope in reply to bantam12

Hi I’m not good with texting on here sometimes it disappears what I’ve wrote 🥺🥺 I’ve already wrote a reply now I can’t find it..

I only do exercises without kegel Machine.. and feel it’s only those muscles that are being squeeze

And was told last Tuesday

My prolapse was stage 1 or a 2

I’m due for more pain tablets

The inflammatorys tabs don’t touch it..

So I’ll try my tramodol/paracetamol

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bantam12 in reply to Hihope

I'm surprised you are in that much pain with stage 1 or 2, discomfort is normal but not usually physical pain that prevents you doing anything. Sounds like either you have overdone the exercises and put your muscles into spams or you have something else is going on.

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Hihope in reply to bantam12

Yeah I reckon there isTook pain tablets strong ones at

2-30 and there not making any difference…🥺

Quite frightening..

No one should be in pain ..

Latest science technology !!!

My husband has gone to the doctors and seriously complaining ..

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Patspart in reply to Hihope

Kegel exercises cause me tremendous pain. Everyone's body is different and not all "normal" treatments are going to work. Along with ice, I sit in a warm bath and that relaxes my pelvic muscles. I also use Lidocaine cream, put on a dilator to get it on the pelvic muscles. Whatever works to get the pain level down!

Please look into Pudendal Nerve Entrapment. I had this and the only thing that helped was sitting on the toilet as well. It is a debilitating condition. What did help me was ice placed right on the vagina. I actually use a frozen water bottle wrapped in a towel. I get so much pain relief from this. As well as Tramadol during the day. I hope you can find the answers you need for your chronic pain.

Maybe your pelvic floor is too tight, that’s what has happened to me. I am now doing relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles and physio at the hospital which is thru my GP. Ask to be referred xx

i feel for you. im in pain too i also have uti infection . iv had 3lots of anitibiotics hope its gone finish them on monday then iv got to book in to see the dr . take a urine sample with me . and she said she will do test check whats going on as my abdemon hurts feel off my food. bowels not working properly

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