Reoccurring pelvic pain that is getting worse

Hello all! Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I got diagnosed with a uti on Boxing Day (26/12/12) I got given anti biotics which shut my whole immune system down. Since then the "uti" hasn't cleared and I have been on anti biotics 5 times. Each time a different one and the pain still hasn't cleared. It's only recently they have requested a pelvic scan for me. Did anyone else have to wait this long for scans and did you feel the drs weren't listening to you? The pain has got so severe it's hurting when I walk and I feel generally weak. The pain is all in my pelvis in my thighs and bum and lower back and sometimes even makes my legs feel numb and tingly (like see freeze has been put on it!!) any advice on what I can do while I'm waiting for my scans cause the drs solution is another urine sample and more anti biotics which I feel isn't helping at all!

Thank you!!

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  • I forgot to mention I have had my swabs and smears done and they are all clear and I suffer from pcos

  • Dear Marinanymph

    So sorry to hear of your pain and ongoing suffering. I am surprised that doctors are continually prescribing you antibiotics without proper investigation. It would be wise to refuse any more as you may become resistant to them. Wait for the scan results and insist on a proper explanation, don,t be fobbed off. At your post scan appointment, ask the doctor what your scan shows and ask if you can have a copy. Even if you don't understand it, there are many people who can interpret exactly what it means. Then you can go forward, hopefully get treatment and be reassured. Would be interesting to know what the scan shows. All the best for the future xx

  • Dear Marinanymph

    Oddly enough you have described my symptoms to a tee. As a man I have been diagnosed with prostatitis/ chronic pelvic pain syndrome. From what I have read you don't need to have a prostate for this. It can be that your pelvic floor starts to spasm and both sexes have a pelvic floor apparently. I have had loads of scans which show nothing untoward. My excellent consultant and GP have been very good but this is very hard to treat and you can feel very low. I have an appointment at a pain clinic soon so that may help. At the moment I am being prescribed tramadol and co-codamol. I don't want to end on down beat note but I have had this for18 months and it has been a life changing illness. You can end up feeling isolated and alone but remember that chronic pelvic pain syndrome can go as suddenly as it arrived. Relaxation therapy, accupuncture and hot baths have all heed me to some extent.

    Best wishes for the future.

  • Hi you poor thing how many women suffer pain and discomfort ??have they checked for a prolapse??sounds much like it to me ....scans of cause cost alot of money that is why they do not always send you ..I have just paid £720 for one but was told results right away then copy goes to doctor is a misery I know and understand ...get someone to listen to you ,,...and good luck with your persuit for an answer.........mine problem is I belive scar tissue ...from a prolapse of the womb rectum & bladder...whichh I still have ....but never been the same since I had the op some 15 years ago .......I have to live with it which is hard belive me ...

    .I tell myself there is always someone worse off then me by .....resting is the best for me when I can not tolerate being upright anymore ..I keep going at 78 years old

    ......God Bless you ..and other suffers ......Margaret

  • Hey guys just updating you on my pelvic scan. They didn't find anything unusual. They said my right ovary is still quite poly cystic and the left ovary is small. So they said to wait for the scan results to go to my drs then they are going to refer me to a gynecologist to try and find what is causing the pain. It's gotten so bad. The dr gave me dihydrocodeine to try ease the pain but it doesn't do much. I can't wait to know what's causing the pain because I can't live like this any more.

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