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Pelvic Organ Prolapse


I’m 22 and suffering from pelvic organ prolapse. I have been to my GP who has referred me to a specialist but I am still waiting my first appointment and it won’t be for a few months. I haven’t been told to do anything in the mean time and I feel a bit abandoned. Has anyone got any advice? Shall I be trying to prevent it getting worse? How would I do that? Shall I just carry on as normal and wait? I haven’t been checked for any infection yet so shall I request a test?

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Where is your pelvic organ prolapse ?is it coming from the vagina or the rectum? If it's the vagina you can get a pessary.... just Google and you can buy them online.... If it's rectal I don't know you might just have to wait

Hi Kalecolbe - thanks for the suggestion that a pessary can be bought online. I just hadn't thought about buying one online, I had just assumed that I would have to go through a medico person. Great, thanks!

Have you tried pelvic floor exercises? Lots of information online as well as some good Pilates exercises for prolapse. You might find some improvement from the exercises which should help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

I can offer advice if you have a rectocele

Paolasi in reply to swishymichy

I suffer that, my physio told me that. I’m still waiting to see the doctor . Can you give me an advice?

swishymichy in reply to Paolasi

How can I help? Have you been diagnosed with a rectocele?

FoxWolf in reply to swishymichy

They haven’t given me a proper diagnosis. My GP just said it looks like a prolapse to me I think it’s just vaginal but not sure what’s coming out or down or anything

swishymichy in reply to FoxWolf

I think you should wait for a proper diagnosis to find out what treatment you need.

Rabs550 in reply to FoxWolf

You can feel it if somthing out between ur vagina you can see it to lie on ur back put a pillow and use a mirror I'm sure you can see it x and as I said before I'd it's painful go A&E

I would suggest you wait for your appointment, a pessary should be done by a expert unless you are shown the correct way to insert. If you are in a lot of pain and discomfort go back to your GP and ask for a urgent 2 weeks referral which the doctor can do, don, t let them tell you this cant be done because it can my GP told me all doctors have the right to ask for a urgent 2 week referral, then the hospital will triage before a appointment is sent.

That’s terrible. It is really scary to discover a prolapse and I was mid 60s when it happened to me and I had to wait ages for a specialist physio appointment which wasn’t a great deal of help. I’ve replied to people before about using sea sponges to keep things in place. If you look at my profile - replies section - and go quite far down you’ll find my replies about how to use sponges to help.

Go to ur A&E if Its painful hopefully they will insert a pessery inside vagina instead of running around and ordering because that will take a few days but then you need yo insert it in which probably will be little complicated if its ur first time and the hospital can refer you quicker x hope I was helpful and rest pillow under ur back wen ur sleeping is the prolapsed outside the vagina because you can slowly try to push it in urself to its not painful especially if your very relaxed you can write back to me privately to if need any help xx

That is very unusual at your age. Have you had children? If not, you need to go back to your GP and ask for urgent investigations including infection screen.

If you have children and it occurred within a year of the birth contact your Consultant obstetrician - ring the hospital and ask for obstetric secretaries if no joy and you think it birthrelated, you could try ringing your local hospital head of midwifery for advice.

FoxWolf in reply to Lizziebets

Hiya! I miscarried 4 years ago but I’ve had issues with my stomach since. My GP said she didn’t think it was related to either so I’ll take your advice and go back! Thank you!

Lizziebets in reply to FoxWolf

I’m pretty shocked they haven’t followed you up quicker. I’m glad you’re going back, don’t be fobbed off. You are far too young to be having these problems. Good luck

Hi, in reference to 2020newlufe's suggestions I'd like to share this link to a YouTube video of a gentle pelvic release ( Full disclosure, I just found/watched it today and no, I have not yet tried for my own bladder prolapse) that looks like it may give some relief to prolapsed organs. Hope you get help soon.

For the time being, best avoid lifting and also don’t stand for too long.

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