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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

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I’m 22 and suffering from pelvic organ prolapse. I have been to my GP who has referred me to a specialist but I am still waiting my first appointment and it won’t be for a few months. I haven’t been told to do anything in the mean time and I feel a bit abandoned. Has anyone got any advice? Shall I be trying to prevent it getting worse? How would I do that? Shall I just carry on as normal and wait? I haven’t been checked for any infection yet so shall I request a test?

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Where is your pelvic organ prolapse ?is it coming from the vagina or the rectum? If it's the vagina you can get a pessary.... just Google and you can buy them online.... If it's rectal I don't know you might just have to wait

Hi Kalecolbe - thanks for the suggestion that a pessary can be bought online. I just hadn't thought about buying one online, I had just assumed that I would have to go through a medico person. Great, thanks!

Have you tried pelvic floor exercises? Lots of information online as well as some good Pilates exercises for prolapse. You might find some improvement from the exercises which should help to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

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What are the pelvic floor exercises, how do you do them?

Goid Morning, what are the pelvic floor exercises and how do you do them?

Pelvic floor exercises are exercises which involve tightening (by squeezing) and relaxing the muscles which hold the pelvic organs in place. There is lots of information on the internet.

I can offer advice if you have a rectocele

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Paolasi in reply to swishy

I suffer that, my physio told me that. I’m still waiting to see the doctor . Can you give me an advice?

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swishy in reply to Paolasi

How can I help? Have you been diagnosed with a rectocele?

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FoxWolf in reply to swishy

They haven’t given me a proper diagnosis. My GP just said it looks like a prolapse to me I think it’s just vaginal but not sure what’s coming out or down or anything

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swishy in reply to FoxWolf

I think you should wait for a proper diagnosis to find out what treatment you need.

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Rabs550 in reply to FoxWolf

You can feel it if somthing out between ur vagina you can see it to lie on ur back put a pillow and use a mirror I'm sure you can see it x and as I said before I'd it's painful go A&E

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jessg2524 in reply to FoxWolf

Any word yet? Have you seen the specialist yet?

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Carey2028 in reply to swishy

Could I have some advice on what they did you you or any info on it I have front and back prolaps so my bowel and vagina 👎 x

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swishy in reply to Carey2028

Physio has told me to do pelvic floor exercises 3 times a day. It can take a long time to strengthen the muscles even 6 months. If that doesn’t work you can have a pessary ring fitted by a nurse. There is also an oestrogen pessary you can try if hormones are an issue. Reduce foods like white rice and anything made with white flour as they can get stuck in the bulge. Chose whole meal instead. Fruits are good particularly pears and dried fruit. Plenty of water too. Hope that helps x

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Sadbee in reply to swishy

hey Swishymichy, am 30 just had a big baby (4.5kg) about 7 weeks ago, been diagnosed with a rectocele and bladder prolapse,pls I need any advice I can get. Am so emotionally distraught and having serious pelvic pain, cant stand for long or walk for more than 10 mins without having serious pain. Air bubbles get trapped in my vagina or what's left of it cos ther is no more define structure down there.. Does this go away!? I started physiotherapy but I dont think its doing anything well its just two days since I started mayb am too impatient

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Leeze in reply to Sadbee

Just read your reply and I so feel for you! No wonder you are overwhelmed and stressed. Specially post- baby....I do hope you have some support & help and concerned partner or family member. Most of all, a sympathetic GP? You should have support from a midwife too, surely, so soon after birth. Hope you can rest as much as possible for now, ask for as much help and advice as possible, and especially ask about exercises and when to start them (I know that must feel impossible, but its v important at east to get the right advice to protect you in the future). Wishing you all the best and total commiserations, too. x

Hello Sadbee, Congratulations on the birth of your baby. I too have had a baby and suffered a prolapse as a result. I feel your distress. I performed my own self-examination which is how I found out I had a mid grade prolapse (6 months after). I would not have known otherwise as no one checked me after having endured long labour and a forcep delivery. This was later confirmed by a GP. Still waiting to see the gyno. I have since purchased the kegel8 machine and I have stopped strength training. I do hope you find support for this and that the physiotherapy helps.

I would suggest you wait for your appointment, a pessary should be done by a expert unless you are shown the correct way to insert. If you are in a lot of pain and discomfort go back to your GP and ask for a urgent 2 weeks referral which the doctor can do, don, t let them tell you this cant be done because it can my GP told me all doctors have the right to ask for a urgent 2 week referral, then the hospital will triage before a appointment is sent.

That’s terrible. It is really scary to discover a prolapse and I was mid 60s when it happened to me and I had to wait ages for a specialist physio appointment which wasn’t a great deal of help. I’ve replied to people before about using sea sponges to keep things in place. If you look at my profile - replies section - and go quite far down you’ll find my replies about how to use sponges to help.

Go to ur A&E if Its painful hopefully they will insert a pessery inside vagina instead of running around and ordering because that will take a few days but then you need yo insert it in which probably will be little complicated if its ur first time and the hospital can refer you quicker x hope I was helpful and rest pillow under ur back wen ur sleeping is the prolapsed outside the vagina because you can slowly try to push it in urself to its not painful especially if your very relaxed you can write back to me privately to if need any help xx

That is very unusual at your age. Have you had children? If not, you need to go back to your GP and ask for urgent investigations including infection screen.

If you have children and it occurred within a year of the birth contact your Consultant obstetrician - ring the hospital and ask for obstetric secretaries if no joy and you think it birthrelated, you could try ringing your local hospital head of midwifery for advice.

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FoxWolf in reply to Lizziebets

Hiya! I miscarried 4 years ago but I’ve had issues with my stomach since. My GP said she didn’t think it was related to either so I’ll take your advice and go back! Thank you!

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Lizziebets in reply to FoxWolf

I’m pretty shocked they haven’t followed you up quicker. I’m glad you’re going back, don’t be fobbed off. You are far too young to be having these problems. Good luck

Hi, in reference to 2020newlufe's suggestions I'd like to share this link to a YouTube video of a gentle pelvic release ( Full disclosure, I just found/watched it today and no, I have not yet tried for my own bladder prolapse) that looks like it may give some relief to prolapsed organs. Hope you get help soon.

For the time being, best avoid lifting and also don’t stand for too long.

High fibre diet . No heavy lifting , do pelvic floor exercises

How do you know if you have a prolapse ?

If it is a uterine prolapse I would suggest doing pelvic floor exercises 3 times a day until you can be seen. I'm 23 and I have suffered with a uterine prolapse for the past 3 years.

Hello. Have you thought of referral to women's health physio? They can be amazing. Mine are based at my local hospital and you can self refer.

I have an pelvic organ prolapse and I am suffering really bad pain in my back, stomach, hips and vagina along with a lot of pressure feeling if heaviness and I have been doing my pelvic exercises since the birth of my youngest child 6 years ago and nothing has gotten any better in fact it’s gotten worse I’m 33 and I really considering a full hysterectomy the pain has taken over my day to day life emotionally,mentally and physically drained.

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Sanitoba1972 in reply to Ynwen88

Hi I am the same the pain in my back and hips are so painful am nearly in tears it has stopped me doing a lot of things in my daily life routine, I have been seen by my gp and was told I have bowel, bladder, and womb prolapse, I have started pelvic floor but doesn't seem to work I can only hold for about 3 seconds, I have tried a daily walk but when I get home the heaviness back pain and hips are in agony, I also feel your pain about being emotional and mentally drained a feel hopeless and less of a woman as I can't have intercourse as its so painful so sorry for the long reply

Have you had your appointment? How long was the wait after the GP referral? I just found out this week. A smear test turned into you have prolapse. I only have one child who is just two years old. I don’t understand what this mean, is it fixable? Does this mean I can’t have anymore children? Is there anyone that has fully recovered from this without having a hysterectomy?

Hi there I just noticed your post.I am 73 years old, very active, in November I was diagnosed with pelvic prolapse (vaginal).

Wasn’t offered any advice other than if it got worse I could be referred.

On return home I did my own research and the next day started on pelvic floor exercises, three times a day,

First thing I noticed after two days was that I hadn’t got up during the night to use the loo, bonus!

After four months I noticed a massive improvement, in fact I think perhaps I’m now 100% normal, plus have never got up for the loo in the night at all.

I have continued theses exercises daily, now only once a day, for maintenance.

Hope this is helpful.

I think you need to be fitted for pessary

I am the same but I was told no heavy lifting and lay down for 20 minutes 3 times a day. I have a fit saying no lifting but I feel very alone as I wait for the appointment. The hospital is not taking referals so no idea how long till I see anyone. Some people are saying 18 months to 4 years. When I feel the lump coming out I crawl around the floor for a bit till it pops back. You are not alone its just not talked about and now with covid its not urgent. I wish you luck and take it easy. ☺️

Hello, 34 year old mom of 2. I have uterine prolapse, as well as slight bladder and rectal prolapse. My suggestion would be to wait to be told what would be best for you based on the issues you personally are having, simply because they will vary person to person. You may be told to do pelvic floor exercises as in kegels or stretches that will stretch and relax your pelvic floor. You may be referred to in clinic therapy with probe or fitted for a pessary to help support the prolapse, or even sometimes they recommend injections or surgery... Now for me I found about this months ago and have down 5 sessions of therapy with probe in clinic , my first session I did kegels and was doing okay, the second appointment and on my 'tone' was a bit chaotic so she told me not to do kegels but gave me stretches that will help stretch and relax my pelvic floor to prevent further damage or prolapse (tone wise if it's high it's not that good, I asked her what it meant and she said it just means that the muscles are very tense and strained, that there was also spasms because of it, performing kegels with high tone will make it worse. After the probe session my tone was more relaxed and numbers were down lower. I recommend these sessions to anyone and everyone comfortable doing them because I've already had results and less pain and complications in comparison to the first session!) she also told me to place a towel on heating pad and sit on it for about 20 minutes twice a day. I had to be recommended for more therapy sessions and I have my first appointment in a new clinic June 21st. Not sure what is in store there but I opted for it instead of injections O.O to give more PT a try first lol. So ultimately I just suggest to anyone with prolapse issue to first get a diagnosis of the prolapse(s) their degree of severity and see what path the doctor believe will work best for you, don't be afraid to hound and hassle them about appointments or ask questions. I would avoid heavy lifting as much as possible I til your doc says otherwise. If you're waiting for an appointment and wondering what to do, one safe option for exercise and relief from heaviness/pressure might be swimming or relaxing in water. OH! and also incase you need a heads up on what probe therapy is , it is electrical stimulation therapy , I found this out the day I walked in for therapy and I was definitely shocked. Anyway hopefully all this rambling ends up being of some use or help to someone


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KLSB04 in reply to AshesW

What were your symptoms to make you go get checked out. I started with what I thought was a uti but now has become unbearable discomfort. I drank lots of water an cranberry juice plas azo pills and when I pee its like I have to push it out but barely any comes and I feel like I have to pee all the time. Its more in evening time. But when I try to push my pee out I feel like my insides are going to come out. I'm extremely constipated always have had issues with that. I seriously will only go maybe 3 times a month and now im too scared to even go because I don't want to push. I'm freaking out. I'm going to call Dr tom but I been so busy with my 4 kids and during the day it isn't as bad so I forget. Any info will help

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AshesW in reply to KLSB04

I had multiple symptoms, and having frequent UTI's could be a symptom of prolapse if you're not emptying your bladder regularly. I did have some bladder leakage once in a while when sneezing, coughing, laughing , lifting something or bending over/squatting down.. I also had the feeling like I had to pee or have a bowl movement quite frequently ( always worse when riding in a vehicle) but majority of the time when I would try none or a little would come out. It felt like I didn't empty my bladder or I hadn't quite got all bowel movement out even though I take fiber and two stool softeners every day and have for over a year. The stool softeners and fiber do help a lot , I have found that drinking the powder mixed in water works the best in comparison to the fiber capsules, biscuits, or cookies. I am still in physical therapy and it has helped a lot but I still have a ways to go. Definitely call and see a doctor but if you can try taking stool softeners ( not laxatives that could be painful and bad) twice a day it may help and after a few days add drinking some metamucil once a day it 'might' help, I am not a doctor so you may want to consult one first just to be on the safe side. I do know that the docs have all told me no heavy lifting and to not strain a lot when trying to go to the bathroom, they also suggest using something like a squatty potty or step stool to prop your feet on to get your knees up when using the bathroom for a better position.As for some of my other symptoms I had, sometimes when I sat down it would hurt in my pelvic region or felt like I was sitting on something, or something I side of me like a little pain of pain that if I sat wrong would have pressure put on it and would cause a lot of pain. When tryin to go to the bathroom it almost always felt like I was pushing involuntarily to some degree , as if I was doing it without control or absent mindedly.

I got really freaked out and ended up going to the ER because I was on my monthly cycle and it was extremely painful and I usually have heavy flow for days but it felt like it wasn't able to come out which lead to a lot of pain and pressure, I honestly don't know exactly what I did but I know I laid in bed in a fetal position with a heating pad for hours during which time it felt like my insides we also dropping down or being pulled down.

The flow did resume but when it did whilst in the bathroom some of my insides did distend down and was almost out of the entrance which was scary and quite painful.

The ER confirmed it was uterine prolapse gave me medicine for the pain and a referral to a doctor , who then referred me to a wonderful doc that did a full evaluation and found the other prolapse and at what level the prolapse was.

A few days later in my cycle a bit of the pressure let up and my uterus did pull back up a little but still not to where it is supposed to be. I do find that once in a while especially on my cycle it does still lower down some but Physical Therapy has definitely helped with it.

I am still taking stool softener and some fiber, I do my exercises twice a day and sit on a heating pad 20 minutes twice a day. Sometimes I find when I sit on a surface that is too soft and it causes my butt or pelvis to dip down it hurts or creates an uncomfortable pressure, so I opt for sitting on a firm pillow or firmer surface to avoid that pain.


Something some might not want to talk about or no one wants to hear is about intercourse , any pain or discomfort during or after intercourse tell your doctor. My hub and I had complications.. like pain at certain angles, or bad pressure. A few times we had something happen that was horrible and I'll try to explain as best I can , but what it felt like on my side of it was that there was almost like a suction effect around him and then when he moved.. it felt like everything was being somewhat violently pulled down.. it hurt really bad and ended with pain and swelling for a few days, I told my doc and she said that that could happen and if there is any pain during intercourse to stop as to not cause any damage and to keep her updated on what's going on.

I am trying to remember if there is anything else because I feel like I'm missing a few small things that I didn't associate with the prolapse at the time.

I hope this helps and if I think of anything else I'll post it. I hope you get into a doc soon and find some answers and some relief!

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KLSB04 in reply to AshesW

Thank you everything you said is almost exactly to the t how I am feeling. I am just bad at explaining stuff an getting into detail. You seriously helped alot and I appreciate it so much!!!!! Best of luck to you babe.

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AshesW in reply to KLSB04

Thank you! I am glad I could be of help 😊 I hope that the docs get you in promptly and you get some answers and so I'm solutions like I did. The results don't happen over night but so far where I'm at now in comparison to earlier this year is definitely a noticable improvement!

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Domin0619 in reply to KLSB04

Hello! Did you ever get a diagnoses? I had a miscarriage about a year ago and ever since then I’ve also had the same symptoms as you as far as feeling like not emptying bladder all the time and some slight constipation. I’ve been to the urologist and had a cystoscopy done but still no answers.

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