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syntoms with my prolaspe blader

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hi , i v got apessary ring in which at the moment is no discomfort i keep having apounding like beating in my top of back and under breast bone .and my blood preasure was up . so my dr gave me ramipril 1.25 frist two weeks and it was ok then the pounding beatinng feeling in back and under breastbone got worse and then chest pain waking me up at night . so i rang the dr and she said leave it for four weeks see if it goes. which i have and yes the chest pain isent there any more . and the beating is there still it goes of now and then when i rest for along time . but im getting concerned .as i dont know if it is syntoms im having because of the prolase as i feel a pounding beating feeling in the lower part of my stumach around were the prassary ring ares is as any one had simlar syntoms ?

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