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does anyone know if syntoms are related to bladder prolase

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my abdemon is very bloated and its the upper part of abdemon top of my navel .wen i eat anything it makes me feel worse . my bowels arent opening like they should . its been like this since the last 4 weeks .told my dr afew times she feels my abdemon and says you eat high fiber . i do i eat a good fiber diet. when iv eaten i come over all very unwell feeling in the face and my head feels funny .could this have anything to do with the prolase

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It sounds like you need a uro gynaecologist to assure you that there is no prolapse.Have you had an MRI or CT scan to rule out any growths, cysts, fibroids or tumours?

Could you be retaining urine? I think you should see a specialist.

im trying to get my doctor to send me for a ct scan as i feel there is something she felt my abdemen all over pressing on it and said we will give you antibiotics incase you have any infection in your bowels. than plus go up for bloods tomorrow to check for cancer markershe said . i think it as something to do eith thids bladder prlaspe.

what is a uro gynaecolgist ? sorry if i come over thick lol but im new to this . iv seen noone only a agynaecolgist at the hosipital who fited the pressary ring and i feel comfy with it .im going to ask for a ct scan as i feel something is not right in the upper abdemen .

thankyou for replying to me i have a prolaspe bladder no iv had lots of blood s took all come back normal. but i found out i had a prolaspe bladder march 2020 but a month be fore i felt so poorly my abdemon ached and bloatered and a a fleshy lump i lost as i urinated fell in the toilet i told my doctor. and gynocoligist she said it thave been a polyps or blood clot since then i felt realy more biger abdemon and back pain and plusating feeling . how many times iv gone drs and a ande they take bloods then send me home in pain . dr said iv got angixty yei properly have now through noone lisoning to me . so im going for a privert scan tomorrow see what going on in thee xxx

A urogyneacologist has studied and does diagnosis of urinary tract disorders along with gynaecological ( female reproductive system ) disorders.

how to i get to see a urogyneacologist . do i ask my doctor to refur me or my gyneacologist when i next see her ?

Yes....ask for a referral. Make sure it’s not a fibroid pressing on something as well.

Thank you konagirl60 I realy am at my wits 3nd trying to find out what is causing this discomfort in my abdemon and I get back ache and pain in my upper back I need my dr to refree me I can't go on like this any longer . I'll ring the dr tomorrow

If the doctor doesn’t help call a lawyer. Your doctor sounds like he’s blaming your pain on anxiety and is not taking you seriously. Don’t let that doctor gas light you! You’ve suffered long enough.

thanyou for your reply . my doctor as now agreed to refree me for a ct scan but it will be 6 to 8 weeks . but i could not go that long so i book a piverte scan at spire hospital . i seen a dr there and he was very nice and lisoned to me . then told me a ct scan on my abdemon and on my pelvis. couldent realy aford it . but worth every penny felt lisoned too cared about and i felt safewith having the ct scan . ill know results monday

Right on. Good luck.

hi my ct scan came back ok from the spire hospital the dr dotor as surgested to my doctors to have a capsule cramra scan . to see whats happening in my degestive systum so ill wait for that and see results from that .

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