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Looking for a Canadian Dr. (Ontario) who specializes in pudendal Nerve decompression surgery

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I am looking for an Ontario doctor who specializes in pudendal nerve decompression surgery. We live in Ottawa and the closest I can find is a Dr. Mark Conway in Nashua, New Hampshire. I would prefer to stay in Canada, as traveling is quite difficult. This is for my husband who had a surgical "oops" 3 and a half years ago and has been unable to sit since this occurred. Any leads would be much appreciated.

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Has he gotten confirmed Pudental nerve entrapment if you don't mind me asking?

Yes. He is on Lyrica, Cymbalta, methadone and dilaidid. He has nerve blocks (RFAs) and. physiotherapy. The last two have been spotty due to Covid. Also treatment and drugs starting to lose effectiveness. He has been at this since beginning of 2018. The spent 2 months in hospital in the summer of 2018 trying to get the pain under control. He has had 2 mesh implants and a surgery to take out a lot of mesh that had just "clumped" up, for the loss of a better term. This was all to heip control incontinence brought on by a prostatecomy.

Sorry to hear about your husband's pain. I live in Toronto. have had pain for about 2 years. Been to many Drs in search of someone knowledgeable. Pelvic physio mentioned Dr Nuciello Lemos in Toronto at Mt Sinai hospital. Check him out.

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I have seen him mentioned. Will try to have our doctor look into him. Thanks for your reply. Hope you can find some relief.

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