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I'm a 30 year old female, child to 13 year old and I am quite active.

For the past 2 - 3 months I've been having discomfort in my genitals area, however over the past 3 weeks this has persistently got worse.

After doing some research, I believe I have a proplapse of some sort; feeling of something heavy pulling down, feeling of my bladder being squeezed and needed to urinate often but without much look.

Now, I've been and seen the doctors who done some test (all clear) but for some reason has not done an internal examination. She has just referred me to an urogynecologist. Unfortunately they cannot book me in until 18th September which is too long for me. I physically cannot cope with this uncomfortableness much longer.

Is there anything I can do until then? I already do pelvis exercise. I also do weight lifting (bodybuilder) and this is worrying me if doing such lifting has caused this or even making it worse. I most certainly don't want to give up my fitness :(

Thank you for your time if reading this :)

Siobhan x

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Hi. You should be able to get an internal examination without having to wait for a hospital appointment. My advice would be to find out which doctors at your practice will do this and make a new appointment with one that will. It is good that you at least know about prolapse, because I didn't until I found mine hanging out of my body and it was too far gone for exercises to do any good, but you are a lot younger and more 'elastic' so if I were you I would ask the doctor what exercises you can do that might help before it gets worse. From what I've read, repeated weight-lifting can exacerbate a prolapse so I would advise knocking it on the head until you've got some advice. Seek a second opinion. Good luck.

Thank you Beatitude. I've taken what you have said on board and most definitely will be contacting my GP surgery first thing Monday. I felt my doctor was just fobbing me off to be honest. Will push for examination.

I know a little about proplapse as I'm doing adult nursing in September so getting ahead of the game a little on my learning skills hehe.

Thank you. Your advice is much appreciated :) x

Definitely stop the weight lifting !

Go back to your GP and ask her to have a look at you, if it is a prolapse you could possible have a pessary fitted. Pilates is very good but you must find an instructor experienced in prolapse problems as some of the movements can make it worse.

Thank you for your reply Bantam.

I would hate to give up weightlifting as it's the only fitness I thoroughly love :(

I'll push at my doctors to be seen again and will discuss this with them.

I am willing to take on any other exercise though it it even helps slightly so will most definitely look into finding a suitable instructor.

Thank you for your advice as it will much appreciate :) x

Hi I was just like you a year and half ago, I was told to do the pelvic floor exercise after having a internal. I went away did what I was told but no help,returned saw another doctor she said let’s try a pessary ( I had done some research and also been on here which made me go to the doctors in the first place) Had pessary fitted its changed every 6months and have not looked back,it’s great. Maybe you may need to slightly change the weights. Hope this is some help.

Hi its certainly not much fun when our pain and discomfort take over our lives. I have been suffering with rectocele, pudendal nerve pain, bladder incontinence, vaginal prolapse etc and although no meds or exercises I have had has helped me but I do know one thing for sure that heavy lifting is a major contributor to the pain in the pelvis and is one thing all the different doctors and specialists I've been to have warned against it. Like anything though we are all different so you may be okay body building, good luck

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