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Pelvic floor spasm cream


Hi Everyone- I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is an anti spasm cream that can be inserted into the vagina to stop muscle spasms? I know of vaginal Valium, but just wondering if there was anything else? Also, if you have tried anything, could you please share your experience. Thanks to all in advance!

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Is it one muscle or many? Are you able to release the spasm with self treatment. I was able to stop the spasms as they came using the thumb for pressure. It gave it a break!

Also used Valium

I crushed it mixed with coconut oil to use as little as possible and putting it directly on the muscle in spasm to use as little as possible for side effects

Compounded 10mg Valium with 1% Lidocaine vaginal suppositories might help. They sure helped me the last twelve years.

Dem74 in reply to Konagirl60

Hi thanks so much for responding. I have Valium 2.5 mg now.. maybe I need to increase to 5 mg? Did you try any other medication combinations or just the Valium?

Konagirl60 in reply to Dem74

Just the Valium.

trishj46 in reply to Konagirl60

I have pudental neuralgia 9 years now---everyone talks of spasms, but I get burning fire and pain in vaginal & rectal site--never seems to let up---I have done & been everywhere with no real relief. Full of neuropathy

in legs, feet that feel either numb or like concrete! Ice only help on rectal or vaginal site! I am told no more options! Do you burning or just pain?? Feel like I could hang myself! trishj46

Dem74 in reply to trishj46

Hi trishj46- I get both spasms and burning intermittently. The spasms are pretty constant though. So I understand you say you have tried everything.. Have you tried muscle relaxers, nerve medication, antidepressants - some can help decrease pain, Pelvic therapy, Botox, CBD oil, medical marijuana? Just trying to come up with things maybe you have not tried...Hoping for better days for you. Please hang in there.

trishj46 in reply to Dem74

Have tried it all! I am on fire right now, burning everywhere

every night, feel scorched rectally! I can't take much more!

Thank you Dem74 trishj46

Konagirl60 in reply to trishj46

You sound like you need surgery. The rectal branch of your pudendal nerve may be stuck on fascia and between your sacrotuberous and sacrosphinous ligaments.

I had all of your symptoms with severe sleep deprivation and no medicine could control the burning electrocuting pain. Decompression surgery saved my life.

trishj46 in reply to Konagirl60

Thanks for your response. Have been told it would not help because of other problems I have. Spinal injury, neurogenic bladder and bowel, neuropathy and the PN.

trishj46 in reply to Dem74

Do you burn like crazy---I scream at night when it wakes me up---

I can go all night non-stop and it may ease during the day--makes no sense. Since I broke my hip the nerve pain is worse every where. Prayer was my salvation, but not any more. Just progressively worse over nine years! Thanks! Take care!


My doctor prescribed me a suppository to use that has diazepam, baclofen, and ketamine. I have to get it at a compounding pharmacy.

Hi! Thanks so much for responding..I was just wondering how did this combination of medication work for you? Did you try compounded Valium first?

They worked very well. I used the baclofen and diazepam compound for a couple years and they just recently added the ketamine. It would usually take about 10 to 15 minutes before I start to get some relief with pelvic floor muscle spasms. Sometimes I would have to insert them both vaginally and rectally depending on the severity. I found if I use them every night before I went to bed I had less incidents the pelvic floor muscle spasms. The only problem is is that they were very expensive and my insurance doesn’t pay for it. I was doing it that way when I wasn’t able to go to PT for a couple of months. Now that I’m back at PT I don’t need to use than nightly. Good luck to you Dem74.

Hi thank you! Did the Valium/ baclofen combination cause any constipation by chance? Just wondering why they added ketamine also? Did you ever try flexeril or just the vaginal/ rectal suppositorys? Thanks in advance!

I heard about the ketamine being added to the suppositories from other forums and that people got relieved from it be added. I talk to my compounding pharmacist about it she said it was a pain reliever and she thought it might help too. So she talked to my doctor and he prescribed it. I can’t tell you to suppositories caused me any constipation because I was constipated before that. I’m usually constipated or diarrhea. One of the other. But I can tell you that the suppositories to provide a lot of relief.

Hi! So do you think the ketamine has added more benefit and pain reduction? I have tried the Valium and did so so on it. I wonder for me if just maybe a baclofen suppository would work? Have you tried any oral muscle relaxers? I would prefer to use a suppository vs. taking pills if I could. The pills make it hard for me to drive if I consistently take them. Thank you for responding back to me. I appreciate your help!

I do notice a difference. But they also had increased the strength of the baclofen and diazepam. So I’m not 100% sure. I have taken or muscle relaxers for just back spasms but I don’t think that they would have any affect on my pelvic floor. And I definitely see your point of being hard to drive while on muscle relaxers. I would talk to a compound pharmacist near you if you have one. I’m sure that just Baclofen in a suppository would provide better relief than an oral one.

Hi thanks so much you have been very helpful! I think I will call a compounding pharmacy tomorrow and see what combinations are commonly created. Thanks again, and Good health to you!

Hi Naturalblondeone- I was just wondering what your original baclofen dose was (10mg/20mg) before adding ketamine to the suppository. Also, did you notice much of a difference with ketamine being added? Thanks!

I think it was 5/10

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