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Botox shots in pelvic floor


Hi everyone! I was wondering if anybody's had the Botox shots done in their pelvic floor as well as had the PN block done at the same time? I'm hearing the Botox may or may not be covered by insurance:( just curious if it's worked for anyone. My dr said it could work up to 4 months. Any insights would be great! Thanks so much everyone! I'm praying for help for all of us!

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Hi, I had Botox, Pudendal Nerve Block, An epidural and superior hyper gastric block all at the same time....this is the least pain I have felt in 14 months. I prayer that this is it and no more pain but I fear this will be short lived. I prayer you will find relief soon. I am in New Zealand and am lucky to have found an enthusiastic anaesthetist. Good luck my nerve damage whilst having a hysterectomy last March 2016, over a year of hell!!

Thank you so much for your response. I've been getting nerve blocks every 6-8wks for the past year & a half but I fear they'll stop working. My dr. recommended the cryo- and the other one which had to do with the heating of temperature but to me they're still too new and the pain seems like it would be made worse, if that's even possible. Might I ask how long ago you had all these procedures done and how long they've lasted so far. I had a hysterectomy thinking the pain was because of the pelvic congestion but that wasn't it. Unfortunately I feel defeated as I'm 41 I've been dealing with this for 4 years and I'm a single mom with three kids so it's not like I have the option to not work. Thank you again for your feedback.

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear you are suffering too. I had my hysterectomy in March 2016. Initially I thought I was just slowly healing from surgery but by October I was so low, suicidal and sore, like a figure 8....pain low mood, low mood pain!! I got advice from two private specialists here in New Zealand where I live (I'm British) and both specialists said pudendal nerve damage, then the Surgeon agreed! I was lucky to be put in touch with an anaesthetist from Arizona but lives here in NZ and he tried two blocks first, which didn't work at all then all the other lot I mentioned, nearly four weeks ago. My pain has eased, and just praying and hoping this will last. I too have a little girl aged 8 who has lost her Mummy. I used to be a fun mum now it takes all my strength just to get through each day. I am seeking medical insurance to help with costs and I am seeing my local MP on Monday. I feel like I have been damaged and not getting any help or support from anywhere. I hope you get the help and treatment you so desperately need...41?? I thought I was young at 44. Still our whole lives in front of us yet I look like a frail old lady having lost over 2 stone. Sending you big hugs from a familiar sufferer x x

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Hi I am so sorry to hear everything you are going through especially when you have a young family I hope everything turns out for you


I’m in northland also, and wonder who your anaesthetist is. If you could share his name it would be appreciated

Thanks , Gareth

Dr Randal Cork Kaitaia hope this helps. He is not cosmetic! Pure pain Take good care

No specific pelvic floor botox did nothing. Had a PT identity what she thought was the tightest muscle which might be contributing (obturator internus) and this gave me great relief.

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