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Multiple Nerve pains

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Hello every one and happy New Year...I'm hoping someone out there can give me some advise....I've been having nerve pain for almost 3 yrs bladder and uterus prolapsed to stage 2 very close to 3 all at once i also suffered with pelvic floor muscle spams did p/t for over 2 yrs had the bladder sewn up no mesh and after the surgery have had the sensation of a ball/object in my vagina especially when sitting had hernia repair surgery i was told by the uro/gyn dr that did the surgery the hernia repair would take away the pain NOT in fact i now have ingual nerve pain in addition to the p/n pain the hernia was sewn up not mesh then i had 2 eroded stiches removed I now also suffer with a burning pain at the top of my hip ...long story short I've been to a pelvic pain speclisit and have been on 5 different med all made me sick in one way or another i am considering acupuncture..can anyone give me feed back on as to weather or not it has helped them...thank you for taking the time to read this

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Hello Ive had the same operations as you First op was Cystocele repair, no mesh used in 2016 Then bowel prolapse operated with no mesh in 2017 Both Grade 2 nearly 3 for the bowel I also had feelings of a piece of cloth in my rectum

The pain I have had was excruciating after my second operation I had a uterine pessary between these ops. I have also a femoral hernia at the top of one leg which I think was caused by trauma during my first operation and gave me nerve pain I have been taking Gabapentin 900mgs per day for 16 months which didnt do much until my pain specialist told me to take Amitriptyline 10-20mgs each night to sleep I have taken this combination for 7 months and it has truly helped Amitriptyline is an sedative and analgesic

Try this first before acupuncture or as well as. Where did you have your operation?

Hope this is a help

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Thank you for your reply my operation was in Christiana Hospital by a Uro/Gyn Dr. Howard Goldstein and although he corrected the problem of the prolapse I DO NOT recommend him he had no idea what was wrong with me for a1 1/2 years after the surgery he had me going to this dr. and that dr. when I finally went out of state and saw a new Uro/Gyn with the first visit he knew what was wrong ...I did try Amitriptyline and it made me into a zombie I have not been able to tolerate any nerve pain meds.

Hi pizon I also have nerve damage and I have the sensation of a large bowling ball in my vagina. However mine is worse when I walk. I get a pain in my left hip as well as painful tight muscles in the back of my thighs. My left thigh is completely numb and my feet tingle. I think acupuncture would be worth a try because nothing else seems to work. Good luck. Lola


Sorry to ask silly questions..

May i know how did your Dr diagnosed with nerves pain?

Because I’m having sometime pain on my lower abdominal / hip...


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pizon in reply to introuble

Not a silly question I had to go to another Uro/Gyn and he sent me to a pelvic pain spec. in Annapolis Md Dr. Richard Marvel

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pizon in reply to Lolarufus123

Hi Lola I was just wondering how your feeling and id your condition has gotten any better?

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Hi Lola I was wondering how your doing? I've been working with some herbs that seem to help me as well as message

Hello. Regarding your enquiry about acupuncture, I think you have to try it for a while to see if it helps. I have acupuncture at the end of each physio session and I do believe it helps me. Usually I have reduced pain for a while afterwards. I’ve been told that acupuncture suits some people but not everyone. I think you would need to have a few sessions to tell whether it’s helping. I wasn’t sure, until I stopped having it and the pain came back with a vengeance. Good luck.

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pizon in reply to Joolibee

Thank you....Now I have to find someone who specl. in pelvic pain for the acupuncture

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Fourweddings in reply to pizon

Hello pixon, I have acupuncture in the UK by a very experienced acupuncturist who works on my nerves in the sacrum, my bladder and ovaries. I feel she has understood more about my pelvic pain than anyone else. I was advised Amytriptiline and Botox but wanted neither. Also recommend seeing the best cranial osteopath you can find - they can work on all areas ( work on the head and other areas) and she works on my pelvic area. Good luck. Find the most experienced people you can as there is huge variety in experience amongst these professions. I am also trying ultrasound therapy on vaginsl scar tissue which seems to help.

I'm from the UK too. I have had several years of debilitating pelvic pain which has developed into rectal pain and burning, and one of the very few things (conventional and alternative) I still haven't tried but think about is acupuncture. Can you give me any information about your acupuncturist if this is at all possible.

Of course. My acupuncturist is highly qualified as she qualified as a hospital consultant in Beijing. She says some forms of acupuncture are too limited and simplistic. A broad Chinese based approach is best I think. I would google your area and read for the most qualified CVs and / or those that have experience in dealing with pain. I wouldn’t go to eg a Physiotherapist that just does acupuncture as an extra and just does localised dry needling. I first came across acupuncture via the vulval pain society.

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pizon in reply to Fourweddings

Thank you I'm in the US and not familiar with cranial osteopathy can you tell me what this is and how it is done again thank you so much

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Fourweddings in reply to pizon

If you look at that may help. Good luck.

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pizon in reply to Fourweddings

///Thank you I will look it up

Something to consider that I have only Recently discovered. The use of lasers. They can reverse nerve damage and are completely non-invasive with no side effects. Doctors, physical therapist, and chiropractors profit much less from this so they have no incentive to point you in that direction. I will soon buy one for myself the results have been that good. If you search chiropractors and physical therapist in your area you should be able to find some that offer this. Just do two treatments a week and you should see some results within 5 to 6 treatments. Not much to lose. Just make sure the lasers are strong enough. Do you want something that puts out at least 5 to 10 W.

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pizon in reply to Pelviccrusader

Thank you for this info could you please tell me where do you get the treatments? Is it thru a dr. or professional?

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Pelviccrusader in reply to pizon

It is mostly chiropractors and Physical therapists that do this. If you want to read about it a good website is

I have tried accupuncture for nerve pain and for pretty much everything else. I got a lot of accupuncture treatment from different tradional Chinese medicine doctors in China. I haven't had any benefits. However..the traditional medicine mindset is so different in China that these doctors don't tend to see the whole picture of chronic pain and various ways the body can be treated. I do believe ccupuncture can be a compliment to other treatments. My advice is to consult an accupuncturist who understands the benefits of both traditional medicine and newer, Western medicine treatments. (The accupuncturist may only use accupuncture as a treatment but he or she will understand the complexities of chronic pain and believe that other forms of treatment are necessary as well.

I have found two physiotherapists who have qualified in acupuncture as a compliment to pelvic pain treatment. Finding the right physio in the first place was the most difficult part. I have mainly had the western acupuncture so can’t comment on the Chinese style. As deepblue says, it helps if the acupuncturist understands your pain.

Well, relaxation excercises are a good option,it does help to do deep breathing.

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