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Is surgery the answer?



I was diagnosed with vaginal prolapse earlier this year. I had been complaining of not being able to pee and pelvic pain for years but told it was either muscular or an infection.

Currently doing pelvic floor exercises as instructed by physiotherapists at uro gynaecologist.

My consultant wanted to insert a mesh to repair but after reading news stories I was reluctant.

Anyway. Last weekend I had to go to the emergency ward as I was retaining urine so badly I was in agony. I had 1500 ml in my bladder!

I was had a catheter fitted and the clinic at my uro gynae Ward removed and monitored my output before I could go home.

The thing is... I’m in such pain now. Is surgery now inevitable?

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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I would avoid having mesh inserted, as from July this year there are restrictions on using mesh.

Have you tried a pessary ? there are dozens of different designs so one might do the trick, also vaginal hrt can help strengthen tissues, but if all these fail then surgery seems your only option.

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That’s why I haven’t had the surgery yet. I wanted to avoid the mesh so opted for physio. My consultant was adamant the mesh was safe and got quite cross when I asked questions. Nobody has mentioned pessaries. I will try anything to stop this pain and discomfort!

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You are right to avoid mesh! If you are in Scotland then mesh can only be used for prolapse “only in the most extreme cases” Please either ask to see a different surgeon. Don’t believe them if they tell you “this mesh is different” it isn’t. Ask your surgeon what he/she did before mesh and ask for that surgery. I’m in a wheelchair due to mesh.

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Get another opinion! I had a vaginal hysterectomy when I was in my mid thirties. I had had four vaginal births. The last of which was two years before the hysterectomy. The vaginal canal is opened up and the uterus was literally pulled out. It is an easier recovery and less chance of infection. The only problem with that is that the other organs held up by the uterus will fall slightly. I am 76 and the surgery was many years ago. I have only had a slight prolapse of other organs. I recommend this surgery if at all possible. Surgery should always be a last resort. You might be offered the pessary or other options with a different physician. My doctor's theory then was that I didn't want more children anyway, and the uterus is just a cancer site! Well, I'm not so sure about that, but I am not sorry I chose the surgery in my case.

Hi,I would ask as many Questions as you like,it's your body not there's,and a good doctor would answer your questions. This gets me so mad when doctors play god and think you should just accept what they say,without question.

If you've got a good Physiotherapist I would say your in good hands,as you say anything is worth a try before surgery.

Good luck to you🍀Hope all works out well for you.

Just one more thing,remember you can always have other opinions .

Please do not let them put mesh in your body they can use your own tissue instead. Even if they say it's the only way to prepare your prolapse. Go elsewhere even if it's out of state, country wherever don't put in you. I had a mesh sling used on bladder lift and I've been suffering miserably since 2010. You'll end up with multiple problems. I'm not the only one there's a mass amount of women and men that are disabled because of mesh.

I have very similar symptoms to you. Have finally settled for a pessary. Took about 4 times before I got the right one, but has been installed for almost 2 years now and all is well.

Try each option before surgery.

I don't do the keegals but do qigong and walk dogs on beach most days. Am doing well with this.

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