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Hi All,I have a big request here. Can anyone tell me how I could find a Pelvic Pain Physiotherapist in my area. Which is Staffordshire.

Please read posts below,to try and understand my delema.

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Just google pelvic physio, here's one resource for starters

Gemini71 in reply to bantam12

Thank you Bantam.


Hi Gemini,

If you use the chartered society for physiotherapy it allows you to select your postcode and the specialty you need - women’s health physiotherapy. This is the site physiotherapists recommend you use as U.K. trained and physiotherapists from abroad have to have met a minimum criteria for accreditation. This was the site I used as a starting point. I live near to London and didn’t want to be treated locally so I was happy to travel 20 minutes or so. Once I had gotten some names I looked their private profiles up so I could see what they had trained in - the particular physiotherapist I saw not only had extensive practical experience but she had extensive training in both urological and gynae experience which were important. She has also done a lot of additional training and was trained in Pilates and acupuncture which I was able to make use of. One thing I would say is be prepared to see more than one physiotherapist if the first one doesn’t suit you and you don’t feel comfortable with them. They will understand so won’t feel upset. I was lucky first time but I have heard from others they’ve changed 2-4 times because they didn’t feel comfortable with the physiotherapist even though they were all of the same standard training wise. I hope this helps.

Gemini71 in reply to Alaine1

Thank you Alaine,I've got to try something the pain is getting bad,so after watching a few videos yesterday,I thought this may be a better route to take than a nerve block.

Gemini71 in reply to Alaine1

Hi Alaine,I wonder if I could pick yours or anyone else's brains.

I've suffered with severer chronic Pelvic pain now for about 12-13yrs,gradually getting worse. If I get to sleep at night,pain don't wake me up,which leads me to believe it's Pudendal Neuralgia,especially since my pain Specialist has done one nerve block,with no effect whatsoever and I'm due another. Now I watched a video yesterday,that made me think I'm on the wrong track. It was a Physiotherapist loosening the muscles of the pelvic floor. Now I'm willing to go private,and I've found three hostpitals by me. Now my questions being, 1,How do I know it may work. 2,What do I ask for.3,This is my idea,so no professional has recommended it. So how can I put it.

I know it's a big ask,but it just a thought,as I can't cope much longer.

Alaine1Administrator in reply to Gemini71

For me the most important thing was reading the profile of the women’s physiotherapists. I then selected the physiotherapist I felt most confident and potentially comfortable with. I rang up the clinic I wanted to attend as it’s a physiotherapy clinic in London who now have about 13 clinics all with physiotherapists from all specialties including hand, MSK etc. I then said I wanted to make an appt with a women’s physiotherapist and said her name. I also said what it was for so a note could be made on the system. I then had a very thorough 1.5 hour appt including an ultrasound. Women’s (or men’s health) physiotherapy is helpful for all pelvic pain even if it doesn’t ‘cure’ the problem it’s part of the treatment package and often greatly overlooked.

I’m hoping eventually to go back to private after my nhs physiotherapy as it will only be for a limited number of sessions. But both nhs and private physiotherapists recognise that patients take a combined approach to physiotherapy as nhs lists are very long so by the time you are seen you have a detailed plan from another private physiotherapist which can be given to an nhs physiotherapist.

Gemini71 in reply to Alaine1

Thank you for your patience Alaine.x


I have been seeing a specialist women's health physiotherapist for 3 years and she is the only medical professional who has helped. I would search, as Alaine says, via the chartered society website. Make sure you see a women's health physiotherapist, as others don't have the necessary training and expertise. My physiotherapist aims to teach the women she sees self -help techniques to help them manage their symptoms themselves, as well as carrying out hands -on physiotherapy. I have tight pelvic floor muscles. The pain clinic I went to assumed it was nerve pain, it was the physiotherapist who really understood what was going on, much more than others.

Gemini71 in reply to Sallyanne5

Thank you I think I've made my mind up to try that road,rather than procedure like a nerve block. Strange but my appointment for the middle of this month has been put off,so gives me a little more time.

You’ve been given some great advice.

My question is, where does it hurt the most in your case? The pudendal nerve root is in the buttock but the nerve branches enervate different areas like the rectum, perineum, as well as bladder and genitalia.

What does your pain feel like? Is it hot electrocution pain with stabbing sensations ( like barged wire scraping your private parts or buttock and rectum. ) That's neuralgia.

Can you sit comfortably? Is there difference when you sit on a toilet seat? When you sit on a chair does it feel like a rock is in your rectum?

Can you actually lie down and sleep? After four internal pelvic physiotherapy sessions, I actually worsened. I could no longer lie down. Sleep became impossible. That treatment was the wrong thing to be suggested.

Have you had a nerve block yet? Did they prove it was your pudendal nerve? Was the nerve block done with imaging? Did the practitioner use both anaesthetic AND a steroid? A local injection of anaesthetic only is NOT a nerve block.

I have come to realize that a pudendal nerve block done to assist a woman in delivering a child IS NOT the type of nerve block that should be done when trying ruling out or diagnosing pudendal nerve entrapment.

The nerve block MUST be directed towards the sacrotuberus ligament where the pudendal nerve is often entrapped. (70% of the time ). Entrapment also occurs less frequently in the Alcock’s canal.

The experts are in France. Do you have a Pain specialist you trust? I had seven pudendal nerve blocks. The first two were done incorrectly and without imaging. I was supine on the gurney and the Pain specialist injected the inside wall of my vagina ( ? attempting to reach the sacrotuberous ligament....a fail ). The second time she injected the lip of my labia......( again a complete fail ). She was incompetent. She only used anesthetic and no steroid.

It wasn’t until I had a properly done nerve block in the United States ( I am Canadian.....the doctors here knew/ know NOTHING about pudendal nerve entrapment ) that I could sit for 24 hours pain free. This block was done correctly. He used both anaesthetic and 80 mg. methylprednisone. That block proved which nerve was in trouble and was of diagnostic value.

I eventually got the decompression surgery and it worked. The burning pain was gone instantly. I believe had the doctors here procured my surgery in America faster, and had I had the surgery stat, I would be healed by now. I am sitting longer and longer but I live with 5/10 neuralgia 24/7. I have no neuralgia when I stand.

I hope this helps you to understand that a properly done nerve block can be of great diagnostic value. Good luck.

Gemini71 in reply to Konagirl60

Hi,Just to answer a few of your questions as best I can. My symptoms are Neuralgia ,I can't sit for long,and the pain gets worse as the day progresses .

When I get to sleep with the help of Temazapam,the pain don't wake me.

The nerve block I had was called a ganglion nerve block,I believe it was anaesthetic and steroid,and I do trust my pain specialist as he's known as the best in this country. I travel roughly 2hrs to see him,so yes I trust him. I don't have pain when I'm standing,or walking,not that I walk that far,I have Emphysema.Besides many more health issues,but this is my main concern because,the pain is like you say 24/7. It's totally taken away my quality of life. I have no interest in anything,I used to like socialising,but even that's gone. Like a few people have said on here,no one seems to understand,because I look alright.

Anyway thank you for replying to my post,I'm grateful for any information.

Hi again. Thanks for reading and answering my questions.

Do you have a copy of your ganglion nerve block report? Do you know specifically what was injected ? Where was the injection aimed at? I will have to educate myself more now as I have never heard of this kind of nerve block?

A successful pudendal nerve block done correctly near the sacotuberous ligament will allow you to sit for up to 12-24 hours. Then it is diagnostic proof that the pudendal nerve is the nerve that is injured/ overstretched OR being pinched. Does that make sense?

I trusted my Pain specialist only to find out long after the fact that she breached the ‘Standard of Care’ in my case. I was never given ‘Pain Clinic Intake Forms’ to fill out. Were you? I was never given ‘ Follow Up Visit’ questionnaires at further consults with her either! Do you fill this out at each visit to your Pain specialist?

I was seen on a ‘ Medicine Ward’. I was never believed and from the start her aim was to ‘ rule out’ pudendal nerve entrapment. She committed fraudulent behaviour by doing her two unsuccessful nerve blocks without imaging ( despite saying she had used it ). She misrepresented me and went above and beyond to neglect me and brush me off. All she would offer me was ‘ medication management’. She said our medical system is impoverished and she could/ would NOT offer to procure a properly done pudendal nerve block with imaging.

I was suicidal by the time my fourth consult with her arrived. This time I brought an advocate. She yelled at the top of their lungs to order the nerve block now!!! She witnessed the doctor disputing with me and ignoring all of my calm mannered and logical requests. That block saved my life.

As you can imagine, I do not trust pain specialists. I do not trust any doctor anymore except a young gynaecologist who has helped me.

At the same time ligaments were pinching the rear two branches of my pudendal nerve in my rectum....a metal titanium Filshie clip was on my rectum!!!

I had a tubal ligation with Filshie clips in 1998. The doctor who applied them DID NOT give me an Informed consent. Apparently, the doctors know that these clips eventually fall off the Fallopian tubes and they can and do migrate. Some clips are the cause of chronic pelvic pain. Can you imagine the pain I was in with a piece of metal conducting even more electrical impulses and exacerbating my rectal neuralgia? It was torture!

The other clip was on ileum bowel under my belly button. No wonder I hold no longer wear pants with belts!!

I hope your pain specialist is noble. I was slandered, abused verbally and emotionally, misdiagnosed, mistreated and left to die in agony. I was a single Mother ( divorced ) and I believe I was abused because I am a divorced female and because I had a friend with benefits. He was a professional like me and I trusted him with my sexual health. I was a mature 41 year old woman when I requested my tubal ligation. Sex is a natural need and I was never promiscuous as they said I was. Women are still being abused in North America. Where do you live?

Gemini71 in reply to Konagirl60

Hi,If you go on you tube and put in Ganglion nerve block,you will see how they do it,and what they use,although I think what they use can be varied.

I come from the UK,and I have come across bad professionals,but the pain Specialist I'm seeing I've read a lot about,and from what I hear he's the best in this country. Having said that,I must say I really trust him enough,not to ask questions,which is my fault,I should have asked more. This may sound ridiculous but I know the nerve block he gave me,but I don't know what was in it,or what his diagnosis was,I'm just assuming it's Prudendal Neuralgia.

How stupid is that. And I should know better,because I usually look into everything,even a medication I've been given. So at the moment I don't really know where I'm going from here. But I will keep my appointment and ask a few questions before he does anything. I can see where he's coming from with me though,because I have quite a few health problems and take quite a lot of medication,so he has to be careful what he gives me.

The injection would be best for you to watch,than me try to explain,all I can say is it did nothing for me,but he did say it was a trial to see how much it reduced the pain,then the next one,he can change tactics,but he also said he only does two. So we'll see. You by the way seem to understand a lot more than me,even though I've really researched all I can.

I saved my own life. No doctor or specialists where I live belived me and helped me. I had to contact another neurologist out of province to get answers, be examined by him in Ontario, and go to the U.S. to be formally diagnosed.

My primary care doctor saw me after coming back to Canada and said she did NOT believe I had a pudendal nerve entrapment AND she said my Pain specialist had dropped me!!! They abandoned me and left me die in agony from uncontrolled nerve pain, agony and three years of sleep deprivation. I hired a registered nurse consultant. She saved me life by advocating for me.

Where I live, doctor’s can get away with being frauds.

Gemini71 in reply to Konagirl60

I think they can get away with being fraudulent anywhere,and I'm sure there have been a few in our practice. Hope things are picking up for you now.

Slowly, I pray I heal. I am 60 and we do not heal as well as we age. Thanks.

Gemini71 in reply to Konagirl60

Hey I'm almost 75yrs old,and I have lots of serious health issues. Just think positive,I know that's not easy when your feeling unwell,but it surely goes towards recovery.

I was born happy and always think positive. All the faith in the world has not healed this neuropathy yet but as I said, I am hopeful. It takes time.

Hi Gemini 71,

I have a urogonocoligist and I see the therapist in the same office. You can google or ask you doctor or hospital if they can recommend someone.

Gemini71 in reply to Shoebox131

Thank you,I'll ask my GP.

Hi Gemini, I am a Gemini as well. I had the pudendal nerve blocks and they did not work long term. Meditation worked for me. I know it sounds crazy but it really works. Heal while you sleep , morning meditation, stress relief meditation Deepak Chopra, all these on utube. free 8 week course.

It took a few weeks but my blood pressure is back to normal, I am not climbing the walls st night from burning and my clenching muscles are relaxing. My nervous system was out of wack after having a surgery three years ago and then another surgery a year and s half ago. I stick to the Keto diet too. My blood pressure is normally 90/60 and climbed to 140/something and higher. I was sweating all the time from pain. Now , I have control over my body. There is an Australian doctor on line Mosley talks about pain science. Highly recommended this reading. A book “Unlearn Your Pain”. A workbook by Greglehman about pain. I am unlearning the pain and it is working. I hope this helps. If you get your nervous system to calm down with meditation you can focus on the reading. No one can read when they are in pain like this. A nutritionist could help you with a diet. Getting all the processed food out of your diet ASAP and using fats instead of glucose to burn. Ketogasm has some good recipes. I almost got the DRG Stimulator. Thank God I figured it all out.

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