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Pain in vaginal wall - advice please!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. Just had a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy (+ polyp removal) done last week, and since then I've been experiencing pain on the left wall of my vagina, and around the soft-tissue / pelvic bone on the left side of my groin. I also have a strange symptom: a sort of fluttering spasm up high in my GI tract, around the edge of my left rib. Did a bit of investigating for myself, and found what feels like a small lump in my vagina, up high on the left side - could this be causing the pain?

There is a bit of a backstory to this as well (please bear with me - apologies for the long post). About six months ago, I developed bacterial vaginosis. It took several months for the doctors to diagnose it, because I didn't have classic symptoms. Even though I took medication for it, it never fully went away - at least, the symptoms became so minimal as to be virtually unnoticeable. But whenever I had sex with my OH, I would get some pain down the left wall of ym vag. So, my question is this: could I have a cyst/abscess, that was caused by the infection, and that is STILL infected?

I'm very worried, and obviously suffering. Going to see the GP on Monday, but maybe someone can give me some more information in the meantime?? What should I tell the GP?

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Tell the GP all of your symptoms and ask for a referral back to gynae. You shouldn't bee feeling that pain and the lump may need surprised and sent sway for testing. I'm sure the GP will feel gynae need to see you again as most GP's are not gynae specialists.

I had an erosion on the lining of my womb it was surprised heat treated and it was cured. No more painful sex no more bleeding.

Simple procedure done under anaesthetic less than a day in no.

Good luck!


In Hospital*


Lump may need a sample taken of it*

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