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Pedunculated fibroid

Hi. I have been diagnosed with a pedunculated fibroid which has prolapsed through my cervix into the vagina. It is the size of a large egg. I am having problems with constipation for a couple of years now but this last year my bladder leaks a tiny bit with each footstep when I walk fast (normal walking not too bad unless I cough or laugh) I find this very upsetting even though I use Tena ladies I am soaking when I arrive home and need a shower. I am seeing gynae again this week. Do you think it could be the fibroid putting pressure on the neck of the bladder causing the leak? Just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?

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Hi Taffy222, I was diagnosed with a "huge" fibroid about 8 years ago which happened to be HRT related. I suffered like you with this irritating and distressing incontinence. I stopped the HRT and the fibroid shrunk over quite a short time period. I still have an element of incontinence and use body form pads at the moment which are working well. It sounds like you cannot control the flow when it starts, I know how that feels. The only thing I would suggest if not already tried is to use the thickest, most absorbent pad there is, and not necessarily Tenna. I wish you well with your Gynae, and don't forget to mention the incontinence as a real issue to you. This could maybe speed up any treatment they are considering.

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Thanks for the reply Lipsyl. I am still menstruating so can't do anything about my hormones lol! It has been suggested at a recent appointment that I have a full hysterectomy which I am not against. I am 49 and sterilised so have no further use for my uterus but we will see what Friday's appointment brings.


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