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Enterocele/3cm interious tear


So i eventually paid to go private after 8 months of pain and being told they dont know why? Colonoscopy, laparoscopy, pf physio, u name it ive had it....

In the appointment after a lay down and stand up internal i was told i had a 3 cm tear in the interious? That was it... it would heal....

Then today i get a report letter saying i have a high small enterocele?

Why would he not say this in appointment ive paid for as i should know this surely?

What is it, what should I do about it and why is he not worried about it...

I have constant pelvic pain , like pulling and dragging and i have sharp pains up vagina and bum every now and again.

Any help and advice

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The pulling and dragging could be pelvic adhesions. I had them and the pain sometimes felt like first stage labour that never ends. I ended up having a hysterectomy because of the pain, which led to more adhesions. Wouldn’t go there if I were you.


Hi rachael

Well i had a lap about 4 months ago and they said i was super healthy they suspected endo but nothing, no adhesions or anything. So they said???

not one person in 8 months bothered to give me a internal, it wasnt until saw physio she said do u mind if i see whats goin on internally she was abit gobsmacked noone had.

Things us women have to go through? Im sorry ur hysterectomy has given u adhesions


An enterocele is a prolapse (hernia) of the bowel. Your bowel, womb, bladder etc can all prolapse.

It can be repaired but maybe he didn't think it was large enough to need surgery? This type of surgery is best done by a urogynaecologist.


Hi Lulu

Are you able to keep your bowels moving? Able to do any pelvic floor exercises? Get plenty relaxation?

Drinking plenty of water and gradually increasing fibre intake, in particular fresh fruits and well cooked root vegetables should help. Cutting out or reducing caffeine intake, fizzy drinks and foods such as cheese, white bread, eggs, marshmallows, broad beans and pastry for the time being should help. Also gradually increasing gentle exercise, but nothing strenuous.



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