Can't contract pelvic floor muscles after botox for pelvic floor dyfunction will this settle?

Hi I've had botox near 4 days now

I know it takes about 2 weeks to settle but I'm still pretty much the same but can't contract the muscles I can feel myself squeezing but with a finger internally I can't will this settle once its relaxed because the muscles still feel pretty tight thanks

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  • The Botox is usually used for painful muscle spasms. Did they target your muscles that were in spasm?

  • Thanks for replying he did but said moist of the pelvic floor is in spasm but targeted the spots maybe just early days

  • That sounds very normal from my experience (had the procedure several times). It takes a couple of weeks for it to settle down (bruising) and for the Botox to fully activate. First 2 weeks are the worst/feel a bit disappointing but hopefully you'll get increasing muscle relaxation as time goes on. It feels very odd to begin with though! I find that taking a nice warm bath and doing deep breathing (into abdomen) helpful.

  • Thank you so much I was getting so afraid I'll defiantly do what you requested I'm hoping I dont have this tension that would made it pointless thank you

  • I just thought I'd comment again as you been so helpful and was super there of my response, a lady told me she things itritrs rebound spasm from the trauma of the injection n could have gone into more spasm have you had this n I do think its bruising too and as I have a lump too that's painful internally, I'm thinking to book a night away just to relax and have a bath as my apartment has shower only but I have a heat pad I'll lay in bed with hopefully it should help I've also still been raking dizpam no relaxing like it would do plus still hardly any movement he saiud 200iu is what was needed I don't know if he did use that much though I'm still very uncomfortable was inn very bad pain last night spasm pain I hope it just because it hasn't settled :( thanks so much for commenting

  • I recently had Botox last week in to a couple of pro ic floor muscles and also on the outside on the sitting bone. Mine is all left sided. Has been for going on 10 years. I can feel the muscle still spasm some and I can't still sit but have not tried to feel inside to see if it's nimb. I doubt it is since I am still getting some spasms. They are not as bad as they were before, off the charts pain. Hopefully yours will work and mine will work.. it would be the best Christmas present a dr could give and I could give myself and my husband who drives me 4 hours to SC where the dr is.

  • Mine is all left sided as well. I was told it was my left obturator internus that was in spasm. So I had Botox injected into this muscle....

    However this then caused my piriformis muscle to go into painful spasm which resulted in sciatica down the left leg in addition to the pelvic floor pain. Seems one muscle took up the extra load after another one was relaxed for me.

  • That's awful! It seems like many injections have a downside to them.

  • I'm still unsure if its just the recovery progress would hope to hear more info from people who have had it :(

  • Yeah mine is worse left too, more left then right and worse piriformis pain too I I thought it was my spine as I had surgery but I wonder why thgthge left is effect for us 3 or what makes the body go into spasm I'm still waiting results from bladder, I find since everything is tight at the moment the piriformis is OK but maybe when relaxes will worsen my Dr said the piriformis gets this way as the pelvis pulls forward hmm...

  • You know the sitting when you are driving is bad for the problem you are having. It cuts the blood flow to that area which is of great need. Try to take breaks every 30 minutes from driving to walk around.

  • I agree it would! I understand about sitting as I have piriformis pain/ spasm I'm so sorry your going through this, I will keep you updated I've had loads of reassurance that it will relax and its rebound spasm n pain I hopoe this is the case foir you! Pleas let me know how you get on, I'm a week in tomorrow too, seems like it takes 2-4 to settle, I'm also numb have slight movement but more spasm then anything, this would be the best Xmas gift my partner n I have been together for coming 8 years n the last two have been hell we want a family and can't do anything because oif this!

    I know the stress of it I had to put alot of money to this too so I hope your long drive n my finances wasn't a waste on botox but its seems hopeful, keep in touch how you get on thanks for commenting x

  • Hi mcpip

    Sorry I don't have any advice and I hope you don't mind me asking but did you have the Botox injections under General or local anaesthetic?

    Wishing you well.

  • Hii I was put to sleep for it I herd its extremely painful n the Dr won't do it without putting you to sleep as spasm is very painful to inject good luck n thank you x

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