Due to bloating & recent pain in pelvic area, my last 2 scans over 2yrs have shown I had ovarian cysts & a fibroid, but last week when I had a scan they said I had no cysts or fibroid but I had andemetriosis? I'm not convinced I've had the correct diagnosis, has anybody else experienced this?

Thank you

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  • Hi Hun, I had endometriosis which caused very heavy periods, bloating, awful, horrible pain etc. It really was awful! I ended up having a hysterectomy, which was the best thing ever. My scans always showed that it was endometriosis though. There was never any other diagnosis. Fibroids have quite similar symptoms too though xx

  • Thanks for your reply, mine is andemetriosis, have yet to speak to doctor but very confused over different diagnosis, I have scans every year with Christies hospital & they have seen cysts & a fibroid, I need to get confirmation, I appreciate your response.

  • Oh sorry Hun, my mistake. I've never heard of andemetriosis. Do you mind me asking what it is exactly? Xx

  • 😂 I don't know myself, something to do with enlarged uterus, I have yet to speak to my doctor.

  • Oh ok lol. I wonder if it might be adenomyosis xx

  • yes adenomyosis is a condition. it is when you get endometriosis in the muscular wall of the uterus.

  • Is adenomyosis related to major excessive gynaecological bleeding, gushing a couple of pints of blood untill going dizzy and passing out?

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