First time on this site. Found it whilst researching for a doctors appointment I had this morning. I have been referred for an ultra sound scan. I started the menopause two years ago when I was 47 and until a year ago all was ok apart from sweats and vile mood swings. Those have now subsided but periods are every month as normal and sometimes extra periods pop into the equation so I end up having two. Since august this year they have increased. And they last for ever and are heavy. I don't suffer from period pain never have but I do get back ache. So with a bit of luck I should have a result of what is going on within the next month.

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  • Hello. I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing this unfortunate situation but, you're off in the right direction by getting an ultrasound. This probably your best step at this point. Also, for further inspection, I would suggest a CT scan or MRI scan IF the docs can't determine any cause. Usually the possibilities of fibroids start to decline as you approach menopause however, it doesn't necessarily rule it out either. Depending on your hormone levels, having high estrogen & low progesterone could play a role in your heavy menstrual . Heavy periods are called menorrhagia. Are you experiencing any pain? Abdominal? I wish you the best & hope you'll find a resolve soon.

  • Hi

    No no pain I only get back ache . This has always been the case from my 30s onwards .

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