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Hello. I've spent so much time googling information myself thought i'd give update. Four weeks now since bladder and uterus prolapse. Still fairly tired. Tried building up very short walks since week three. Nearly asked someone parking to drive me round the corner to my house! Think i was over ambitious!! A little fresh blood freaked me out but googling it appears to be stitches dissolving. So think body healing well. Just need to get my head used to changes in activity. See consultant next week.

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Hi Kirflyn.

Just read your post I was due to have vault prolapse operation tomorrow 29th. What procedure did you have done please. Xx


Good to hear if your recovery, be kind with yourself.I had bladder, bowel and hysterdomy on Wednesday, I was planning 10 mins walk today, think am being a tad ambitious haha.

What have your sleeping patterns been like ?



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