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Low pelvic discomfort

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So a year ago had pelvic pain and was ruled out functional cyst. Ultrasound and pelvic exam. It comes and goes and went away for 4 months one time now I have a mild crampy feeling started after period ended going on day 7! I’m concerned. I do have IBS but my bowel are normal. Is this another cyst? I did do Zumba for a week and do weights and that seemed to trigger this feeling it’s so low over the whole bladder area! Help anyone get this? Could it be ovulating?

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I was recently diagnosed with having a "small" fibroid by my uterus. Very vague information if ask me. I was told the extreme pelvic pain I was experiencing was due to me ovulating. So, 11 days later, I'm still on my period and obviously far from ovulating and I'm still experiencing tremendous pelvic pain from this "small" single fibroid. My suggestion for you if I may would be to get a CT scan or MRI scan, whichever you are most comfortable with. Sometimes a simple pelvic exam cab determine if it's a cyst, fibroids or other complications. You mentioned Zumba, and I did something similar to that and it definitely triggered the fibroid and made the pain much worse. Do you have any if these symptoms? If so, I would highly see an experienced Obgyn and make sure you get a 2nd & 3rd opinion just in case. For some reason, I've noticed many Dr's in my area are not well informed in treating fibroids. Also ask about estrogen dominance & fibroid degeneration. If your Dr can't answer that or brush you off, see someone else! Symptoms are as followed: Constipation, pressure by your rectal area, frequent urination, pelvic pain, pain that shifts around or heavy long periods with heavy clots? I wish you the best of luck. Hang in there!

Hi Blondbeaut sorry about your condition. Have you been checked for pelvic prolapse during any of your investigations? Some of your symptoms sound like mine when I was in the early stages and it's only recently that I realised what my early sensations were. I don't think my Zumba classes helped at the time. Nor heavy lifting etc. Anyhow I'm no Doctor and might be barking up the wrong tree but it's worth looking up the symptoms for prolapse, even if to eliminate it. Wishing you all the best.

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