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Constant urge to pee

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone can help, iv always been the person who needs to wee frequently and I never felt concerned until I noticed I had a bladder prolapse, since seeing a gynaecologist iv been told I also have a rectocele prolapse too, this Thursday I'm due to have a urodynamics test done but lately iv felt like iv a urine infection, this happens regularly on and off but this past week and a bit it's been awful, I feel like ripping my bladder out, I'm urinating up to 16 times a day with little fluid intake, iv had my urine tested for an infection but it's clear, there's no way with this pain cud I have this procedure done but how do I get to the bottom of this awful feeling in my bladder 😢

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Hi there

I do sympathise, it's a horrible feeling. I have been diagnosed with painful bladder syndrome, which gives you the feeling of a bladder infection, without any infection. I have found that some things definitely make it worse - for me, this is eating spicy foods, too much caffeine, and alcohol. Also I try not to get constipated as this seems to make it worse. If you google 'painful bladder syndrome' you will find lots of information about this. It might be worth also seeling a physio who deals with pelvic floor issues - tight pelvic floor muscles can also contribute to the problem and they may also be able to help with any issues from the cystocele and rectocele. You can find one via this website Best wishes.


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