I'm not getting pregnant

I have bacterial vaginosis is this cause of not getting pregnant? I'm already 21 with a 6 years of my partner and we want a baby.what should I do

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  • Hi,

    It’s highly unlikely it’s a cause of not getting pregnant. You are only 21. It’s most likely stress related and most people get pregnant naturally given time

  • But i am already 6years in relationship with my hubby

  • Even if you are in a 6 year relationship with your husband it can still be stress related. The second cause could simply be that you aren’t having sex on a regular basis. If you’ve been together for 6 years and you are only 21 it’s highly unlikely you have been trying for 6 years. Most couples that are trying to conceive will do within 3 years. You haven’t mentioned anything that would stop you from becoming pregnant. I’ve included a link which is American but the reasons for being unable to become pregnant (they’ve listed as infertility, most of these reasons won’t come under the heading of infertility but simply reasons for lowed fertility which is temporary) is listed and includes stress. If you are concerned I would visit your GP who can reassure you. I hope this helps


  • Have you visited you GP or sexual health/GUM clinic to have swabs taken and antibiotics for the BV? Make sure you get that treated asap. It’s a common and treatable condition.

  • bacterial vaginosis might be the reason for infertility, however, most of the infertility cases are caused by fallopian tubes blockage/damage, you can get checked to find the exact reason, if it is caused by tubes blockage, endometriosis, you can take natural herbal medicine. if the tubes have been damaged, the only way to get pregnant is IVF.

  • Natural/herbal does not necessarily mean safe. Please get medical advice before taking any new medication. Even natural/herbal medications can have interactions with other prescribed medications and medical conditions. Speak to your doctor before taking any new herbal/natural medication, especially if you are trying to get/or may already be pregnant. We are not medically trained and do not know your medical history. Take care.

  • Thank u for all of ur concerns.. I hope it would be treated.

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