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I'm 38yrs last year during a miscarriage I was told I had 4 fibroids. I was told they were small enough to try calling pregnant again as it's all me and my partner wants. However after 7mths of trying we have not been successful and now I think the fibroids have grown. Last year I was told by the doctor there was no need for medication or surgery but now I'm wishing I made them do something before they got bigger. But all I was told then was, I shouldn't worry people can get pregnant with fibroids. But I'm worrying more because we haven't been able to plus I'm sure I can feel one fibroid through my stomach

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I'm 36yrs and just been told I have a fibroid approx 5cm and they told me could effect my chances of anymore children (I do have children and don't plan anymore) however mine has only grown over last 12 months and now awaiting a treatment plan... If I was you I would head back to your Dr as mine are causing me pain, incontinence etc and I wouldn't wish my symptoms on anyone xxx good luck xxxx

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Thank you for your reply. I now have a scan appointment to check the size of my fibroids as last year the biggest one was on the lining of the womb near where a baby would grow I now feel like I can feel it through my belly. Which is probably why we are no having any success in falling pregnant. I'm taking all these vitamins that say helps the shrink them, any thing I eat is fruit and veg as everything says is better to help reduce the size. I just wish the doctor I saw last year had done something to remove them instead of saying I wouldn't worry about them. We may of had or been pregnant with first child by now. Thank you for your advice.

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If you go to the NHS website you can find a lot of information on there, All about fibroids

Hi Carla

Sorry for your loss.

You know your body best and as time is of the essence, why not see your GP ask for urgent referal to Specialist for up date on your fibroids and any help you may need? Did you have an Internal /Transvaginal Ultrasound scan last year or just the Pelvic Ultrasound?

I had an internal scan. I was also given an appointment with the colposcopy clinic when I they first told me about the fibroids. However when I went to see a doctor about my miscarriage another internal scan was done and they measured them. I have a golf ball size by cervix. A walnut size in the upper lining of the womb and two grape size by my ovaries. I was told I didn't really need to go to the colposcopy appointment as she didn't feel medication or surgery was needed and she was sure us we should be able to fall pregnant again. Now I'm wishing I went, they could of removed the fibroids over a year ago and me and my partner may of had our first child by now. Now I'm so worried they have got bigger which has prevented us from being successful and consistently thinking about the fibroids is making me so stressed.

I know own it's easier said than done but try not to stress and see if you can phone the department directly and ask for another Colposcopy appoinment very soon.


Thank you for your reply. Monday morning I love b ringing for another appointment. Thanks for the advice x


Hi I think you should go back to your doctor and tell her you want them removing as they can attach to your ovaries, I am 50 and sterilised going through the menopause overweight and having problems with my periods as I bleed to much and get put on blood clotting tablets now she thinks I may have fibroids,They can grow to the size of a golf ball or Mellon size

I have been back to my doctor and got a hospital appointment. I was given an ultra sound, CT scan and a MRI scan, they found I now have 5 fibroids, all big around 5cm each. They have put me on esmya (ulipristal acetate) to try and shrink the fibroids, I have to take them for 3 months then do another scan before they decide if I have to take them for a further 3 months. They are hoping to shrink them before they preform surgery either embolization or tcrf or myomectomy. I started them on the 1st of December so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in 3 months they shrink to half the size so they can do surgery. But it's a long process.

Wishing you the best of luck Carla you were right to pursue this, women know their own bodies. 5 x 5cm is 25cm of unwanted visitors in there, I had just 1 and couldn't fall pregnant and miscarried in 2010. I don't care what the professionals say, some women just need a clean environment in there to try for a baby and hold a healthy pregnancy, void of visitors and nasty unwelcome guests.

If you are over 36 and fear you may have troubles getting pregnant get referred onto the NHS waiting list for IVF there are so many people wish they had have after a few years of trying. If you fall pregnant the appointment can always be cancelled when you are past the 12 week period or when you feel comfortable.

Best wishes.

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Thank you for your replies, I've not been on the site for a while as in July after being referred to a fertility clinic, before we began IVF I fell pregnant naturally, all was going well although I kept panicking over every thing, then in December at 21 weeks I had a high bleed, a lose of 1.5 litres of blood with large clots. I was told by the doctors that due to the fibroids I may have to consider ending the pregnancy if they couldn't control the bleed or I could die. With the best doctors help and after a smaller bleed they managed to slow the bleeding, I had many many scans where it showed that the baby was still doing great although very small at 479 g. Me and my partner was told by neonatal specialist that if they have to deliver the baby now it may not survive as the tubes will be to big for it so we may have to deliver and wait for the baby to pass away peacefully. It was the most horrific thing I've ever heard. However with luck the bleeding began to stop I had 4 blood transfusions and I managed to get to 37 weeks with all my scans you g well. And on the 2nd of April I had my little peanutty, a beautiful baby girl, we called Paige, she is our world and a miracle. I still have a large belly as my fibroids grew so big and now I'm waiting for my hospital to contact me about removing them, I just wish they would hurry up now. Sorry for taking while to reply and sorry for such a long paragraph.

I am so pleased for you ... i have 2 children ( one with my existing husband ). And now I diagnosed with fibroids with more than 6cm... and they said can give me medicine to shrink it Down and if not effective and then will use surgery ... and now me and my partner thinking of using the surgery to remove the uterus , as my concern is the size of the he fibroids ... and I really don’t know what to do really is such a shock for me ... all started from the blood test of low iron .. and comes all the way to heavy period and them fibroids comes to a cross road ...

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Sorry I haven't replied a long time ago but I haven't been on site for a long while. With all that's going on in the world all my treatment has been put on hold. I have managed to be kept on the zolodex injections to help try and keep the fibroids down while I wait for an MRI and the having surgery. I would love more children but after going though what we went though carrying our little girl the fibroids could cause another pregnancy to b very dangerous especially since I had a large bleed during my last pregnancy. I would love to try but the best and safest for me and an baby would be to remove the fibroids first. But there is a risk of having to have a hysterectomy if something goes wrong in surgery, I just wish all things could b back to normal if the lockdown didn't have to happen I'd have the surgery done back in may. I'm hoping things go well and we ll b blessed with another baby fingers crossed everything will work out for both of us.

I mean I am so pleased to read at the end you have this beautiful girl at the end after all the hard time you had been through ..

They need. To take. Them out. Whether or. Not. What size. They are. I found out they took my polyps out but left. A. Fibroid is as. Was. Only 2cm. Now I am in pain and think this has grown back, myself and my partner and ant to try for a baby and. Am going to insist everything polyp and fibroid is taken out.

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With the lock down happening over the last few months most of my treatment has been put on hold. I have been able to be put on zolodex injections to try and reduce the sizes of the fibroids but really I need to have an MRI scan sooner so my consultant can get the surgery done. We re hoping if the zolodex works and shrinks them alittle the removal of all the fibroids will go alot better and may prevent having to have a hysterectomy. I would love to have another baby but I need these removed to make a pregnancy safer for me and a baby. Fingers crossed all the hospital can get back to seeing people again soon so I can have my scan get the surgery done as soon as possible.

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