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Constant pain

I have been suffering flare ups of bladder pain for around 2 years. The doctor said it was linked to diabetic nerve damage and gave me amitriptyline. At first it helped now I've had a bad flare up. Constant pain and feeling of needing to pee but no relief when I do. There's no stinging or burning when I go. Just the bladder pain. I'm going back to go this week.

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Hi I was suffering from bladder pain on and off with a really bad flare up last year. I was convinced I had IC and saw both a urologist and gyni who couldn't provide any diagnosis except to say it wasn't that. After lots of internet searching I found a book called Heal Pelvic Pain by Amy Stein which made me think that the pain was actually a tightness/strain rather than infection. I saw a Pelvic physio who advised me that I had tightness in my obturator internus. I had a couple of physio session and started doing the stretches in the book. Thankfully the pain subsided. I am having what I call a niggle currently but that is because I have been a bit lapse with my stretches and I know that I can resolve this by keeping up the stretches. Give the book a try and I hope it helps.


Thanks. I've convinced myself I have ic. My gp says it's just an infection and has given anti biotics but I'm not convinced


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