Pelvic inflamadary desease

Hi i was diagnosed with chronic pelvic inflammadory desease in 2015 and i await for appointment in three weeks for scan to tell if i need my tubes removed has anyone had this done and what way did it affect afterwards as im totally heartbroken now dont no how i will cope if i need to have tubes removed as im in 13yrs relationship with my partner and he was my ever first relationship i was never with anyone else and all we ever want is our own kids . Any replies would help please

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  • I totally feel you. I was diagnosed with PID 1 month ago and I am still struggling with pain in my left side, as I still have abcess and I might need to remove my tube. I just don't know if at least this pain will go away. I am super worried and sad at the same time.

  • I have low right on and off Pelvic pain comes every 3rd month and this month back seems aggravated w it like it's interrelated ugh have to wait to see June 1 obgyn

  • What were your symptoms im worried I may have that

  • in my case looks like cramps in my left side, a bit like a pinching pain that sometimes goes until my pubic bone. If I lay down it goes away but I can't all the time payed down. I find that being seated or positions where I have compression of the pelvic area, makes it worse. Honestly sometimes drives me nuts, and I am totally aware that isn't as painful as some reports that I read in here.

  • I feel extremely pain all the time feels like my womb bout to hit floor the pressure is severe

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