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Pelvic dysfunction

Hi, I have had three repairs down below , first the bladder, second rectocele, third bowel lifted up as it went inside itself. Now I feel as some thing is blocking my bowel moment, I need to put my finger in to push what ever is there up so I can have a bowel moment, also got ulcers in rectrum, been checked by biofeedback is was normal, some days I can urinate no problem others I feel as I have some dragging feeling and my urine flow is inclined to flow up the way and I get itchy and sore up there even though I wash myself regularly, my consultant is going to get me a phone appointment since my biofeedback was normal, I have fibromyalgia, sciatica, bladder spasms, IBS and ibd in the rectrum, is there anyone that might know what I can do now

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Hi Huskywomen

I have only just seen your post. Searched Intussuception as I haven't heard of anyone else who has this. Found one other (post 2 years old) and yours.

I haven't had any repair surgery.

When you say the bowel went inside itself I'm assuming the diagnosis was Intussuception?

Have you got a prolapsed womb?

You have pelvic floor weakness/failure?

Have you seen Colorectal surgeon or just Gynaecologist?

I will write more soon as past my bedtime !! But briefly:

What helped me most I think was:

pelvic floor exercises, cutting down on caffeine, drinking water & decaf tea, decaf coffee. Increasing fruit and veg reducing bread, cheese. (potatoes instead of bread)

I have banana every morning, apple & pear later in day. The more water I drink the better I am but I know I don"t always drink enough.

Pardon my ignorance but what is ibd?

IBS & Fibromyalgia are 2 terms I would personally like to ban!

Some of the investigations I've had:

Barium Enema 1988 - Diverticular

Defecating Proctogram 2008 - Large Anterior Rectocele and Full Thickness Intra-rectal Intussuception.

Barium Enema 2008 - Fecal retention in the Caecum, Diverticular in the Caecum & the other sections of the large bowel.

Obstructive Defecation & Pelvic Floor Failure.

I could write lots more about me but let's get back to you!

I wonder if what you're having to push back up to allow stool through is either your uterus or could it be the bowel come down over itself again? Surely it must be one or the other, the only other thing I can think of is a fibroid.

I was wondering why you needed the bladder repair, was it prolapsed uterus or fibroid or both? My mum had bladder repair, fibroids removed and uterus put back in place (long time ago).

Also have you ever had an internal Ultrasound scan?

They did Ultrasound scan of my womb (mid '90s') and said NO fibroids 'normal'. I wasn't convinced. I tried saying I thought I had a fibroid. No one would xray my abdomen either.

In 2013 I had the vaginal Ultrasound (never heard of it till then) for another reason. I have a fibroid outside my womb.

Finally, is it worth popping a urine sample in to GP to eliminate possible infection?


Do you by any chance take yeast tablets and wear tights? If so could it be thrush?

Sorry this is so lengthy!




Hi, I have no womb since 1993, intussuception it was, they thought was an animus this time round but discovered that my pelvic floor is good, if anything to good, I have had Botox two years ago when I had animus, it helped, got bladder sorted through tvt mesh, as I was peeing when I coughed, I have noticed it has come back since they fixed the rectocele , I am finding I am having bother having a bowel moment unless I put my finger up to push the possible the bladder up, I have no caffeine, yeast, juice that have sweeteners in them, as my mouth comes out in blisters, no I have not had a scan since I had the womb removed, I have been taking senna, softeners, drink plenty water,

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Sorry forgot inflammation bowel disease (IBD) , also discovered my younger son has been diagnosed with hyper mobility syndrome, it's genetic, and pelvic organ prolapse is one of the symptoms, my mother was doubly jointed when she was younger, which is called hyper mobility syndrome these days and it can affect you when you are older, i.e. Pain in your joints etc and symptoms are just like fibromyalgia, they are now looking into fibromyalgia and HMS , to see more about it , in my case it could be HMS that I have not fibromyalgia, and all the medical people are getting trained about it etc, I have ulcers in the rectum IBD aswell, nothing simple eh, I am a walking disaster, I might get a second opinion, as I just can't just keep going along with this problem, any ideas would help 🙁

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The IBD must be so painful for you. I don't know how you cope.

I live in South Wales, UK.

7 years ago I saw a TV advert for Bladder & Bowel Foundation. So I called the helpline. They told me to make a self referal to the Continence Nurse & gave me her number at our General Hospital. Well - I didn't know I could do that without a GP referal. She saw me quickly. I wondered if you think it would be worth a try? She might be able to see what's happening. She did internal and rectal examinations, urine flow & retention tests and bladder scan. All on first appointment, within days of my phone call.

You could either phone your hospital to speak to Continence Nurse/Adviser or phone the foundation first and ask their advice.

The foundation number is 01926 357220 email : help@bladderand

Do you think that the third surgery may have failed and the bowel is still coming down over itself?

Or do you think that maybe the first or second repair was somehow compromised when you had the third and it is, as you say, possibly the bladder you are having to push up out of the way?

Whatever it is your consultant will surely have to see you urgent after you speak on phone???

You can't be left like this. (Says she who hasn't had any surgical repairs!!!!).

I think you are very brave.

I also wondered if you have tried Fybogel sachets and Lactulose medicine instead of the senna. Could the senna possibly be irritating the ibd/ulcers?

I thought I was the only 'walking disaster'. Apparently there are more of us out there!!!

I am reasonable at the moment.

Well, I have to apply pressure to the perineum, take a deep breath and bear down to go to loo. But , then, I no longer have normal bowel function!

I also have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis and Hypothyroid. Also Arthritis and throat and upper Gastro problems.

Hope you can get the right help and support VERY SOON.

Thinking of you.




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Fybogel goes for my bowel, lactulose might help, mention to the dr the next I see her/him,

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We are a right pair eh, nothing goes simple with us eh, compromised is the word I can use when consultant phones me , I just wish this would all go away, 😩x

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Thank you for being so supportive, and look after yourself, and if I can help in any way let me know 💕💕

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Thank you 🐥



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