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Chronic pelvic floor pain and bleeding after bowel movements


Got examined again today, not hemorrhoids from what they could see..

About 2.5 years ago I had a hip arthroscopic surgery on my left hip. For about 1.5 years I was feeling awesome and pain free. But then this last year I have had chronic pelvic floor floor pain that gets worse after sex and sitting for too long. The pain is worsening with time. I am also having blood when I wipe like 3/4 the times I got to the toilet and a doctor confirmed that I an having active bleeding but like I said, found no hemorrhoids.

I am 19 years old and male. One doctor thinks I have pudendal neuralgia and wanted to do a nerve block. But I wanted to have more imaging done and screening before that. The XRAY and MRI of my pelvis/tailbone showed that my tailbone was misaligned and bent inward like it was almost hooked. To me it actually looks like it is fractured.

Could this be the source of the pain I am having? Some reason the hospital I had the xray done at hasnt sent me the lab report yet but they sent me the images and I’ll attach one of my tailbone. Can whatever is going on with my tailbone cause this pain or could it be something else. Both my physical therapist and chiropractor think its definitely related but they dont know if it explains why im bleed when i have a bowe movement. I am sort of worried about colon cancer too. And help or comments would be really appreciated thank you for your time

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EDIT: the pain is directly between my testicles and anus. It almost feels like a constant ball of pressure

Hello I can tell you that I had a corrective surgery done about 3.5 years ago done vaginaly and after many, many dr.'s misdiagnosis my chiropractor helped to feel better it turns out the surgery left me with the feeling of a ball inside it moves from my vag. To my anus with hip pain it turns out that my psoas muscle was compromised I am sorry that I have no explanation for the blood however I can tell you the feeling of pressure sounds like the p/n I ended up with a pelvic pain specialist if you can find one seek his or her advise I have not had a nerve block to this nerve but can tell you that when one nerve is in distress the other surrounding nerves become what is known as noisy neighbors so you can have many nerves that are involved I had the mos success with chiropractic care she was able to move my tail bone mine goes from side to and message both deep tissue and othopathic message therapy...for me doing a more natural approach is the only way the more dr.'s I saw the worse I felt good luck and keep in touch

Yeah i think it my tailbone plays alot into it. And i am 100% going the natural route first i have a physical therapist and chiropractor helping me out right now. And by p/n do you mean pudendal nueralgia. Because i really think it might be that

Yes that is what I mean by p/n I have that same very same feeling not everyone with p/n has the sensation of a ball..I also found a book titled heal pelvic pain by Amy Stien to be extremely helpful and the yoga cd titled your pace yoga reliving pelvic pain by dusting Miller both are physically therapists I also tak valerian root and hops for the pain..find yourself an herbalist again I am no dr. But my personal experiences have been the medical profession has not helped me good luck and take care

Okay thanks for all the advice I really hope it gets better for me im nervous i’ll be dealing with it my entire life :(

I hope you also get relief to its the worst feelings ive ever had

I know how you feel my purpose of being on this site is to try to help people as to what as helped me I was on the sofa for 1 1/2 years in pain and not able to live life I am still in pain but it is manageable still unable to work but there was a time I could hardly walk take care and please keep me posted when you get a diagnosis and are cleared a cardio work out also helps where are you located I am on the east coast of the USA...I can tell you that it seems people in the UK are getting a correct diagnosis as far as pelvic nerve pain goes again mine is caused by the muscle compressing on the nerves yours may be the tail bone effecting the nerves again goo luck

I am from the US in the midwest. I think mine is from the tailbone or whatever is causing the bleeding I am having. But my physical therapist now is showing me how to massage and relax the pelvic floor muscles around the nerve and it only seems to be helping temporarily and not permanently yet. But at least im showing some signs of relief. I have been in pain for about a year now and im fine reaching a point where I am learning more about what it could be and how to manage it. I guess i just have to accept that it might never be 100% better but ill take any amount of better over feeling the amount of pain i felt months ago. My PT wants me to do some light jogging next week on a treadmill and I really hope it feels nice because i am getting really depressed being such a young guy not able to excercise or do normal activities with my friends

Well you take it slow and if you can read the book I mentioned but I would wait for the dr. To discuss with you your tail bone again keep me posted

I would get a colorectal dr to check for fissures and also look on YOUTUBE for Fem Fusion, she has some great stretches for that area for men and women. It helped me a lot and I had similar experience. Good luck and hope you get some relief.

I am going to a GI soon and will hopefully get some more answers. I really hope the bleeding part is just from something like a fissure or deep hemorrhoid. My grandmother had colon cancer so it’s worrying me


I read your post with great interest

I'm female. Aged 57. Diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction. Have awful problems with bowels but no bleeding. Am in a lot of pain. Sex impossible.

Passing a harder stool makes me feel like I've been torn in two but no bleeding. No hemmorhoids or anything.

I've had MRI of spine coccyx end missed off but two osteopaths have coccyx pulling horribly to right and very flexed forward with sacro coccygeal joint hanging off at one side. GP and hospital won't do x-ray of Coccyx. Physio says misalignment of coccyx shouldn't make any difference.

As you probably know, lots of pelvic floor muscles join to coccyx and sacrum so problem bound to affect pelvic floor in my book. Also, coccyx meant to move when we pass bowel movement. Mine is immovable. Feels like end presses on rectum.

Have appointment with orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in coccyx at end of July and also x-ray in sitting and standing. Just hope that goes ahead with private hospitals closed for face to face consultation still. Consultant is Mr John Hardy in Bristol, UK.

Trouble is no-one specialists in whole pelvis.

Please keep in touch.

Best wishes from Korin

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