Help!?! Rectal spasms

Help, having rectal pain. Feels like spasms. Also pain down backs of both legs and left side lower tummy. I have a tens machine On, had a hot bath. Taken tramodole, not touching this pain. Please anyone got any advice for me. Have no diagnosis and been left like this since rectal starr surgery on Dec 2015.

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  • Have you tried a hit pad or an ice pack? Or alternating the two. I find lying on my tummy with a hot microwave bag on my lower back soothes my spasms (although different to yours). I practice deep belly breathing too. Maybe a guided meditation could take you mind off it and help you relax a little. Have you tried Epsom salts in your bath? Supposed to be good for nerves. I've not tried it as I don't like lying in the bath much. Hope this helps. Take care.

  • Arrange to see Physic ASAP sweetie

  • Physio not physic

  • Kegel exercises help rectal spasms as well as the B&O Suppositories, need script for that.

  • Absolutely NO Kegel exercises for pelvic pain syndrome. Quite the opposite. Pelvic physio in this case is trigger point therapy, which consists of stretching the muscles in pelvis, not contracting them. They are already over contracted and need to be relaxed.

  • Be very careful doing kegals without a physiotherapist. This is a very complicated process . You could do the opposite for what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Rectal spasms are hard to contend with. See if your Dr will prescribe a compounded rectal suppository that is made up of lidocaine and bachlofen( muscle relaxant )

  • I am in agreement with janeneil That don't do kegel exercises because your muscles need to be relaxed and stretched , not contracted.

  • My doctor won't describe me nothing like that :-( I keep asking! The best I can't get is a low dose valium. I've been doing breathing exercises Nd trying to relax .

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