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Sharp Ovarian Pain & Anus Pain

Ive been on Depovra for about 2 years now. But this last shot, something was different. I felt this pain right away. It is a sharp pain and it is usually only on one side but it switches from side to side and it shots all the way through my anus. I also at the time thought I was pregnant, but I took a test and it came out negative. I'm worried that I could possibly have an ectopic pregnancy or be pregnant in general. Or have something really wrong with me. Please help!!

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If this is on going maybe an ultrasound should be considered. Ask your doctor. To me your symptoms sound more bowel oriented perhaps consult with a gastroenterologist. Good luck

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Thank you!


try doing kegels to relieve the anal spasm. Child poses...and gently rolling side to side rotating with getting on knees with but high in the air and face down on the floor. If you continue with the pain you need to get checked out especially to rule out ectopic pregnancy.


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