Genitofemoral pain

After 3 years of constant severe pain I think my neurologist finally found the cause of my pain to be the genitofemoral nerve. Has anyone had that nerve or the ilioinguinal nerve cut out. If so, what was your experience? I am so desperate for any relief. I currently take gabapentin, effexor and nucynta daily which takes the edge off but not much.

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  • I'm new here due to tailbone pain that just yesterday I was told I have Adenomyosis? But I do have inner THIGH pain every so often. A burning pain. Dr said probably nerve pain? I'm not in constant pain. Only when I sit.

  • I was offered this surgery by my GYN Dr Conway and decided no to comply. It sounded so scarey and was going to shut off feeling in the vaginal area permanently. I had hernia surgery in the past that may have caused this nerve to become entrapped.Do you have any surgeries?

  • Cheryl137 I have had vaginal surgery several years ago to remove the skiene glands. I had terrible labial edema on one side and couldn't sit. Afterward the swelling mostly went down but the pain hasn't. It's nerve pain that even makes using toilet paper hurt. I went to a famous doctor who said he could fix it but was very rude and I didn't have confidence in him. Also, he didn't take any insurance. I'm so sorry that you are having this pain. I understand. Your in pain but it's not the kind of pain you can explain to just anybody because it's so different, so you suffer in silence a lot. What test did he give you to determine it was the gentialfemoral nerve?

  • Nerve block with ultrasound

  • I have had a dorsal root ganglion stimulator fitted to help with pain from damaged genitofemoral nerve. It has given me at least 50% reduction in pain up to now. I had broken glass pain in my groin and top of thigh.

    Hope you soon feel better. It is so debilitating.

  • Thanks for your reply. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply back. I am in Utah, USA and just received referral for the only Dr. Here that is trained for DRG stim. I have had two other stim trials but not DRG yet. So hoping it helps. USA Dr.s just received approval for this type of stim last year so we are a bit behind UK on this one.

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