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I have had nerve pain for 18 months now.I currently take 25 mg of amitripylin at night and 100mg of pregablin 3 times a day.Ive also been taking magnesium supplements. I have tried increasing the amitripylin but it makes me so constipated. I take Senna every night but it dosnt help. Does anyone know of a different medication I could take which dosnt have this side effect?

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  • What is the name of your condition (nerve pain)?

  • Lots of fruit and veggies help, esp carrots. Senna is ok but on occasions take a proper laxative to clear you out.

  • I take Pregabalin and have the same problem. My GP gives me Laxido and that works fine for me, sometimes I only need one powder but I can have three a day if I need them. You can buy them, relatively cheaply, but getting them on prescription is a big help; living in Scotland prescriptions are free thank goodness.

  • I have pudendal neuralgia, I drink plenty of water & eat fruit every day but still constipated.i tried a laxative which cleared me out and I felt much better for a day or two then the whole cycle starts again.i also found I had a lot of stomach cramps so have avoided them since.

    I've just been to my doctor and asked if I can try baclofen,she was reluctant but did give me a priscriptions to try for a month and see how I get on. I have fibre gel drinks on prescription too.

    I wish our priscriptions were free it's costing me over £24 a month for 3 prescriptions.luckily the fibre gel priscriptions has 4 boxes on so lasts me 4 months but that's on top of the other 3.

  • Have you thought of buying a pre paid prescription card - valid for 3 months (around £29) or a year (around £104 ) for all your prescription charges.

    If you decide to, make sure you get a receipt from the pharmacy for any prescriptions you need after you have ordered the card and before it arrives - and you can then claim this money back.


  • Thank you so much, I've never heard of this before! I can't believe the doctor hasn't told me! I've just applied for one online.

    Lin x

  • Hi Lin

    Glad you have applied for one. I too was not told about it - neither the pharmacist nor my GP - I spent a fortune one year - even when my prescription was for 4 items in one week - no one told me it would be cheaper to buy a card. I have not seen seen a poster in the local chemists or surgery either.

    I actually saw it advertised in the waiting area of the hospital pharmacy - and it saved me loads.

    Take care


  • Has the baclofen helped at all? Thinking about asking my gp about it. What dose do you take? Thanks. Hope you're keeping ok.

  • Hi sue, difficult to say really as I have good days and bad.i think it's eased the pulsing sensation I get in my pelvis which I notice at night mainly when I'm lay in only on 20 mg a day. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow and I'm wondering if I need to increase the dose. I'm having terrible time with constipation at the moment and don't know if they're making it worse.

    Hope you had a good Christmas and are feeling well. X

  • Well I hope it does help in the long run. I will ask my gp his opinion. Take care and keep in touch. X

  • Sodium picosulphate worked best for me, it is gentle and gets things working naturally so generally isn't needed long term. Senna put me in A&E with bowel spasms !

  • Try liquorice! It's a natural laxative. Xx

  • Try liquorice! It's a natural laxative. Xx

  • have pudendal neuropathy for over a year after removal of hemroids. c0nstant pain in rectum take oxcicodone 4 times a day and 25 mil amatripiline once a day very littlr relief. have had 2 nerve blocks and radio frequency procedure nothing worked next week I am having a shot in the coxick bone I am praying even for a little reief in the beginning the amitripiline gave a little relief no w nothing

  • Sorry to hear your suffering. Have you tried increasing the dose of amitripylin ? I think your body gets used to it after time. I was advised against a nerve block.

    I also find having a soak in the bath gives me relief for a while. Good luck with your shot,I hope it works for you.

    Take care Lin x

  • Hello Rozamond, Can I ask what daily dosage of oxycodone you are taking, how long you have been on it and if your doctor is allowing you to stay on it long term as I have heard conflicting reports about taking it long term, although I have been taking it long term myself under the supervision of my GP.

  • I use lactulose twice a day, no side effects and works well.

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